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Phebe Maria Kimber Descendant marries Charity Kimber Descendant

Let me introduce you to my two Kimber grandmothers--3rd Great Grandmother Phebe Maria Kimber born April 4, 1813 and 3rd Great Grandmother Charity Kimber born Dec. 6, 1813. What these two ladies share is my grandparents, Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson. Phebe Maria was a great grandmother to Frank Leroy while Charity Kimber was great grandmother to Viola Lillian. My Grandmother might have known about her ancestry but I doubt my Grandfather knew about his Kimber connections.

Photo from Personal Collection
  Charity (Kimber) Clark

Charity and Phebe Maria were both raised in the Minisink, New York area. If they didn’t know each other personally, they certainly knew of each other.  The Town of Minisink was created in 1788 after the American Revolution and encompassed the present day towns of Minisink, Wawayanda and Greenville. In 1849 the Town of Wawayanda was carved out of the Town of Minisink lands. Charity’s parents, Benjamin Kimber and Keziah Bennett, were residents of what is today “Town of Minisink” while Phebe Maria’s father, Isaac Kimber, lived in what would become the “Town of Wawayanda” in 1849. Technically, they were both raised in Minsink but probably a good carriage ride away from each other. Later, in their married lives, Phebe Maria and Charity would reside in Wawayanda and be part of the same community.

They became wives and mothers. A seventeen year old Charity Kimber married William P. Clark Sept. 17, 1831 in Minisink, Orange Co., NY. The Clarks lived in the original Town of Minisink lands with a large family:
     James L. Clark (1832-1901)
     Phebe Jane Clark (1834-1890)
     Keziah Bennett Clark (1836-1909)
     Katherine Amelia Clark (1838-1921)
     Sarah Angeline Clark (1840-1842)
     Jeremiah B. Clark (1842-1908)
     Charles Edgar Clark  (1844-1919)
     William P. Clark  Jr. (1847-1915)
     Howell Reeve Clark (1848-1924)
     John R. Clark (1849- died young)
     Charity Emeline Clark (1851-1947)
     Benjamin Reeve Clark (1853-1926)
     George Emmet Clark (1856-1946)
     Anna Augusta Clark (1858-1925)

A few years later about 1833/4 Phebe Maria Kimber married Orsamus C. Brundage in Minisink. They resided in what would later become Wawayanda nears Johnsons, New York. Phebe Maria and Orsamus were the parents of seven:

     Emily Brundage (1835-1873)

     William Kimber Brundage (1836-1914)

     Albert Lewis Brundage (1838-1911)

     Ira S. Brundage  (1841-1874)
     John L. Brundage  (1845-1913)

     Charles Emet Brundage (1847-1879)
     Ellagene Brundage (1856-1921)

Charity and William left Orange County for a short time as they were enumerated in Candor, Tioga County, New York per the 1850 federal census. By the time the 1855 New York State census was taken, they had returned to Orange County and were dwelling in the Town of Wawayanda. They remained there until Charity’s death in 1874. (William Clark remarried a year after Charity passed and moved to Goshen soon afterwards.)

Charity died November 27, 1874 and her death was recorded in the 1875 New York State census:

Deaths Occurring in the Town of Wawayanda in the county of Orange, N. Y. during the year ending June 1, 1875.
Line 10
Charity Clark  63  Female  Married  Death November 27 
Native State New York  Trade or Occupation Housekeeper  
Disease or Cause of Death Rupture inside

Phebe Maria enjoyed more years than Charity passing on April 21, 1887. Her death was noted in the following newspapers:

Middletown Daily Argus, Tuesday evening, April 26, 1887
      South Centreville. Mrs. O. C. Brundage, died April 21st, at 6 p.m.

Orange County Press Semi Weekly, Tuesday, April 26, 1887
     DIED BRUNDAGE--April 21, in the town of Wawayanda, Phebe Maria Brundage, aged 74 years, 21 days, Interment at Ridgebury.
South Centerville Mrs. O. C. Brundage died the evening of April 21st

I’m very inquisitive about my Kimber Grandmothers and want to know if Charity and Phebe Maria were friends or acquaintances. They were raising their families in the same community for a number of years. Did their children and husbands know each other? They each had a child born in 1856.

Were Phebe Maria and Charity related? I don’t know. Charity is a documented descendant of Casper Kimber, the progenitor of the family in Orange County. Charity’s line continues with Casper’s son George Kimber, George’s son Samuel, Samuel’s son Benjamin who is the father of Charity. So far I only have been able to find Phebe Maria’s parents, Isaac Kimber and Abigail Stilwell. I think its likely Phebe Maria and Charity share a Kimber ancestor.

I’ll keep searching. Keep an eye out for me!

Note: Minisink is located in the southwestern part of Orange County. It’s bordered on the north by Wawayanda, south east by Warwick, southwest by New Jersey and west by Greenville.

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