Friday, September 12, 2014

Introducing 2nd Blog: Casper Kimber Connections

It’s been my good fortune to have two Kimber 3rd Great Grandmothers that have provided me with challenging yet enjoyable genealogical chases—Charity Kimber and Phebe Maria Kimber. One lead led to another and many years later I find I have accumulated 3 binders filled with material about the Kimber family. What to do with it all? What else but a new blog!

A few weeks ago I created “Casper Kimber Connections” named in honor of my 7th Great Grandfather Casper Kimber. Casper Kimber and Femmetje Williamse were the ancestors of many offspring in Orange County, New York. Although named for Grandfather, I will be writing about all Kimber’s and welcome guest authors.

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