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A Little More about Isaac Kimber

The following post was originally published Sept. 29, 2014 on my other blog Casper Kimber Connections

In my earlier post, "7th ult Minisink Isaac Kimber 40y" Orange County Patriot, Goshen, New York, Nov. 3, 1828 edition, I introduced the Isaac Kimber and Abigail Stilwell family. Today I would like to provide a few more details about Isaac.

The name ‘Isaac’ means ‘he laughs’. I hope 4th Great Grandfather Isaac found much laughter in his short life. I would add that he likes to keep a secret too as I’ve only been able to uncover 5 instances where documents exist for him. Death certificates for two of his children identify him as their father and the ‘Orange County Patriot’ published a brief death notice. I’ve searched probate and recorded land deeds as well as available church records without success.

The 1820 federal census and the 1825 New York State Census are the remaining 2 documents where I located Isaac Kimber.

1820 Federal Census, Minisink, Orange Co., NY, page 238 Series M33, Roll 64
1820 Federal Census, Series M33, Roll 64
Minisink, Orange Co., NY, page 238

Isaac Kimber was enumerated on the bottom half of the page (handwritten page no. 583), fourth line.

His household included:
   2 males under 10 years of age-–this would be Isaac’s sons Joseph and William E. born respectively in 1812 and 1815
   1 male between 26 and 45 years—Isaac would have been approximately 32 years old calculating his birth to ca 1788 according to his age at death
   3 females under 10 years of age—Phebe Maria born 1813, Sarah Jane born ca 1818 and Elizabeth born 1820
   1 female between 26 and 45 years—Isaac’s wife, Abigail Stilwell born 1790
   1 person engaged in commerce—I don’t know how Isaac earned his living

I became intrigued when I realized Isaac lived near James Van Bundle (who no doubt is James Van Bomel and appears five names above Isaac). James Van Bomel married Joseph Kimber’s widow and lived on Kimber lands. Joseph Kimber’s widow was Mary Allison. She married James Van Bomel a few years after Joseph’s death in 1804. I have more information about Joseph Kimber but will save it for another day.

Isaac Kimber’s family appeared on page 18 of the1825 New York State Census living in Minisink, New York:

   4 males in family, including head—Isaac, sons Joseph, William E. and Andrew D.
   5 females in family, including head—Abigail, daughters Phebe Maria, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth and Hannah
   1 male qualified to vote—Isaac
   1 married female under the age of 45 years—Abigail
   4 unmarried females under 16 years of age—Phebe Maria, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth and Hannah
   1 female birth in family during the preceding year—must be Hannah
   2 neat cattle owned by family
   2 hogs owned by family
   27 yards linen, cotton, or other thin cloths manufactured in the domestic way the preceding years

A few years later on Oct. 7, 1828, Isaac passed. Abigail must have been pregnant when her husband died as their last child, Isaac Sprague Kimber, was born in 1829.

My ancestry
   4th Great Grandfather Isaac Kimber and wife Abigail Stilwell
   3rd Great Grandmother Phebe Maria Kimber and husband Orsamus C. Brundage
   2nd Great Grandmother Emily Brundage and husband Richard Wight
   Great Grandmother Emily Wight and husband Lewis Penny Dot
   Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and wife Viola Lillian Wilson
   My Mother

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