Friday, March 20, 2015

FRIDAY’S FACES FROM THE PAST Uncle Frank, Aunt Fannie and Ethel Mae Clark

Please meet Great Granduncle Franklin Emerson Clark. Uncle Frank was my Great Grandmother’s brother and a son of Jeremiah B. and Harriet C. (Ogden) Clark.  

Frank E. Clark, Paterson, New Jersey, Simpson Studio

Frank E. Clark
born April 27, 1871
Denton, Orange Co., NY

This photograph was taken in Paterson, New Jersey when he was a young man. Uncle Frank married his 1st wife, Fannie Smith, in Paterson Nov. 25, 1891.

Uncle Frank, Aunt Fannie & Ethel

Ethel Mae Clark

Their daughter, Ethel Mae, was born a few years later on Sept. 27, 1893. Adorable!

Frank E., Ethel and Fannie (Smith) Clark

Uncle Frank looks like a contented man. It probably wasn’t long until Uncle Frank lost Aunt Fannie. She died April 6, 1907 in Paterson (34 years old).

After Aunt Fannie’s death, Uncle Frank returned to Orange County, NY residing in Middletown for many years. He would marry two more times. Ethel married Max Beratz Feb. 26, 1920 in a ceremony at her father’s house. She became a mother to Louisa, Max’s child from a deceased wife. They lived in Newark, NJ.

Note: These photographs belonged to my Great Great Grandparents, Harriet C. Ogden and Jeremiah B. Clark.

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