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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY Nellie Marries Harry Sept. 11, 1912 at 24 Grand Ave., Middletown, New York

Nellie Mae Hewitt, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Hewitt married Harry Everett Lee Sept. 11, 1912 at her 24 Grand Avenue home in Middletown, New York. Harry’s parents were Thomas E. Lee and Clara Cairns.

My maternal grandmother, Viola Lillian Wilson, and Nellie were 1st cousins.  Even though Nellie was fourteen years older than Viola, I think they enjoyed a special kinship. Whenever I see photos of them together, they are standing side by side or arm-in-arm.

Passed down among my family treasures is a newspaper clipping announcing Nellie and Harry’s wedding published in the Daily Argus.

   A very pretty wedding was solemnized this afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Hewitt, 24 Grand avenue, when their daughter Nellie became the bride of Harry E. Lee, of this city.
   Promptly at three o'clock the bride and groom marched into the parlor to the strains of Lohengrin, played by the orchestra which was hidden behind a large bank of ferns, and took their place under a large bell made of American Beauty roses. The ceremony which was with a ring, was performed by Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Wallace, pastor of St. Paul's Church, of this city.
   The bridesmaid was Miss Viola Clark, of Paterson, N. J., a cousin of the bride, and R. Lester Lee, a brother of the groom, acted as best man.
   The bride was attired in a white lansdowne dress trimmed with Persian trimming and carried a shower bouquet of white roses, and her traveling gown was a blue tailored suit, with large picture hat to match.
   The bridesmaid's gown was of pink crepe meteor over pink silk and trimmed with dutchess lace.
   The ring was carried on a cut glass heart by Miss Viola Wilson. The home was prettily decorated with pink and white, the decorations being by Lorentz.
   After the ceremony the guests sat down to a sumptuous banquet which was served by the bride's parents. The bride and groom left over the Erie for a wedding journey, the destination being known only to themselves.
   Upon their return they will make their home for the present with the bride's parents at 24 Grand avenue.
   The groom's gift to the bride was a large silver chatelaine bag, and to the best man a pearl stick pin. The bride's gift to the bridesmaid was a brooch set with diamonds and pearls. Guests were present from Brooklyn, Chicago, sections of Wisconsin, New York, Paterson, Newark, Port Jervis and Goshen.
   The groom is a popular young man in this city and is First Assistant fireman of Eagle Hose Co.  He is employed as plumber by Halsey E. __?__.
   The Daily Argus joins with the many friends of the young couple in wishing them a happy journey through life.

Nellie and Harry’s ‘Wedding Book’ was also saved by my family and I’ve scanned the pages below containing the names of their wedding guests. 

Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book page 1
Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book page 2 

Harry’s brother, Robert Lester Lee, served as best man. Viola Clark was Nellie’s bridesmaid and a cousin from Paterson, New Jersey. Viola Clark’s father, George Emmet Clark, and Nellie’s grandfather, Jeremiah B. Clark, were brothers. The ring was carried on a cut glass heart by my 8 year old Grandmother Viola L. Wilson.

I’m not familiar with Harry’s family but anybody named Cairns and Lee must have been Harry’s guests. Hewitt, Clark and Wilson wedding attendees belonged to Nellie’s side of the family. I’ll point out the relatives that I know.

Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book page 3

Rev. Wallace was the first to sign the guest book followed by Harry’s mother, Mrs. Clara Lee. Mrs. Martin Bennett was Harry’s sister--the former Daisy Lee. No doubt Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Lee were relatives of Harry. Harriet C. Knapp and Ada C. Knapp both were Nellie’s 1st cousins, daughters of Fanny (Clark) and Dell Knapp. 

Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book Page 4

Letitia Nelson and Nellie were 2nd cousins. Letitia was the daughter of Gr-Gr-Grandmother Harriet (Ogden) Clark’s niece Mary Elizabeth (Ogden) Nelson. The Nelson’s lived a few blocks away on East Main Street.

Geo. B. Hewitt was Nellie’s father. Ella M. Wilson was another 1st cousin well known to me as Aunt Ella. Another Knapp cousin, Edith (Knapp) Waring attended the wedding. Mrs. D. P. Clark and D. P. Clark, Ada and David P. Clark, were Aunt and Uncle to Nellie. A Paterson, New Jersey 1st cousin, Miss Clara Fitzgerald, was a wedding guest along with Uncle Frank Clark’s daughter, Ethel M. Clark.

Mrs. J. B. Clark was Nellie’s grandmother, Harriet (Ogden) Clark. Mrs. M. E. Nelson was Harriet (Ogden) Clark’s niece, Mary Elizabeth (Ogden) Nelson. Great Uncle George Emmet Clark and his wife, Anna were the last names on this page.

Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book page 5

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Clark were Uncle Frank Clark and his 2nd wife Mary. Mr. Harry E. Waring was a cousin’s husband. Mrs. William Swift was a Clark cousin, Laura (Fitzgerald) Swift who was accompanied by her little baby boy, Billy. First cousin Miss Lmeta Knapp was Aunt Fannie and Uncle Dell’s daughter. Uncle Amos R. Clark and Aunt Irene attended. Sisters Mrs. Dell A. Knapp (Aunt Fannie Clark) and Mrs. G. B. Hewitt (Nellie’s mother) completed the guest list.

Look and see if you know any of Nellie and Harry's guests. Let me know if you spot a relative.

Nellie M Hewitt and Harry E Lee's Wedding Book page 6

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