Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday WHO DO YOU THINK THEY ARE?

Who do you believe the Paterson, New Jersey Gentleman and Lady are? They were photographed at Speaker’s Studio, 214 Main St., Paterson, NJ wearing their Sunday best.
Speakers Studo, Paterson, NJ GentlemanSpeakers Studio, Paterson, NJ Lady

The photographer was Isaac G. Speakers who worked in Paterson from 1881 to 1900+.[i] Knowing Mr. Speakers' work years helps narrow down my guesses.

I’m speculating our Paterson lady and gent are husband and wife even though our lady looks a little older than him.

Most of the photographs handed down came from my Clark branch of the family. My 2nd Great Grandfather, Jeremiah B. Clark, had four siblings that lived in Paterson during this time frame.

Possibility No. 1: 2nd Great Grand Uncle James L. Clark and wife Mary Jane Birdsall moved to Paterson about 1881. Uncle was born in Orange County, NY 1832 and died at Paterson in 1901.

Possibility No. 2: 2nd Great Grand Aunt Phebe Jane Clark and husband Martin John Courter. Aunt Phebe Jane was born 1834 and died 1890 in Paterson.

Possibility No. 3: 2nd Great Grand Aunt Charity Emeline Clark (1851-1947) and spouse Horace Jacob Space (1847-1915). Aunt Charity lived for many years in Paterson.

Possibility No. 4: 2nd Great Grand Uncle George Emmet Clark (1856-1946) and Aunt Anna Carbough (1864 - ?). Uncle George was known as Emmet and resided in Paterson from 1890 to 1916.

Do you know them? Can you spot any clues in the photographs? Any help is appreciated.

[i] Gary D. Saretzky’s Paper “Nineteenth Century New Jersey Photographers, Revision of Illustrated Article in New Jersey History, Fall/Winter 2004.

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