Monday, November 30, 2015

Introducing Viola’s Family

Yesterday I added a new tool to Barb’s Family Storiesmy Rootsmagic Family Tree named Viola’s Family.  A link to Viola’s Family is just under the ‘Contact Me’ box. (The official URL is

When I prepare a blog post, I include a “My Ancestry” section detailing my line of descent to the featured ancestor. I’ve also published pedigree charts for each of my grandparents. BUT what if my ancestral line and yours differ at some point? Cousins tell me confusion can set in quickly so I decided to share my genealogy database. My research includes my direct line ancestors and collateral lines.

Let me show you around. Once you’re at Viola’s Family, you’ll see this screen.

I’ll search for my 3rd Great Grandmother Esther (Penny) Bennett. After I locate Esther in the Index of Names, I find 2 choices.

Next I select Esther Penny (1814-1884) and land on the Individual Details page.

I can easily view a Family Group Sheet for Esther with her husband and children by clicking on the small family icon beside her name.

I could have chosen to see Esther in a family group sheet with her parents.

You can also look at Esther’s ancestry using the pedigree icon.

Readers this database is a work in progress. I apologize now for any mistakes you find. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, comments and questions.

Cousins, I hope this helps. Try it out, have fun. There’s lots of hypertext to explore!

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