Monday, April 25, 2016

Benjamin Doty’s Inventory and Administration Papers, Wantage, New Jersey, 1802

Good news Doty family and friends. A few days ago I located copies online of 5th Great Grandfather Benjamin Doty’s inventory and administration papers originally filed at Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey.

Samuel Vanfleet and William Elston prepared an inventory Nov. 15, 1802. Judging from the date they appraised his belongings, Benjamin Doty most likely died in October or November.

Benjamin Doty's Inventory dated November 15, 1802

Benjamin Doty’s Inventory dated November 15, 1802

Great Grandfather had plenty of hay in the barn and stack to feed his horses, cows, young cattle, hogs and sheep. Wheat, rye, flax, potatoes, corn, buckwheat, beans, oats and flaxseed were grown on the Doty farm. Benjamin’s possessions were deemed to be worth $670.15 by the appraisers.

Benjamin’s widow, Mary, and son, Isaac, accepted the inventory in court a few days later on November 18, 1802. Since Great Grandfather Benjamin hadn’t written a will, the widow and my 4th Great Grandfather Isaac requested they be appointed Administratrix and Administrator. 4th Great Grand Uncles John Doty and Nathan Everett vouched for Mary and Isaac’s abilities to manage Benjamin’s estate.

It was a treat to see 4th Great Grandfather’s Isaac’s signature along with his brother John. Nathan Everett was a brother-in-law, the husband of their sister Mary. 5th Great Grandmother Mary couldn’t write her name and signed with her mark.

Administration Bond Benjamin Doty Estate

Administration Bond
Benjamin Doty Estate

Division of the Real Estate of Benjamin Doty, Deceased, County of Sussex, New Jersey, August 1812’ posted March 24, 2016 discusses what became of Benjamin’s lands in the years after his death

Source:, New Jersey Wills & Probate Records, 1739-1991, Record of Wills, 1753-1900; 1s - 5948s; Author: New Jersey. Surrogate's Court (Sussex County); Probate Place: Sussex, New Jersey, File 967S.

Note: The Sussex County, NY Surrogate Court doesn’t have the probate papers for Benjamin Doty. I was told by the staff I would find them at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton.

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5th Great Grandfather Benjamin Doty and wife Mary
4th Great Grandfather Isaac Doty and wife Elizabeth Paddock
3rd Great Grandfather John Doty and wife Dolly Hemingway
2nd Great Grandfather Albert Doty and wife Fanny Jane Bennett
Great Grandfather Lewis Penny Doty and wife Emily (Wight) Taylor
Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and wife Viola Lillian Wilson
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  1. What a great find and a bonus is seeing his signature (vs "X"!)

  2. Thanks Michelle. I love finding my Doty documents.