Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kimber Letter 15: Moses Ruffled Some Feathers

The Kimber Letters are writings exchanged between the Kimber sisters and mother, Keziah (Bennett) Kimber. The letters found their way to the sister’s descendants. I treasure them and am grateful to the late Edna Raymond for giving me transcriptions.

Today’s letter is an exception. It was addressed to a Kimber son-in-law, Moses Seely, by his parents, Ira and Rachel Seely. Moses along with wife, Jane Eliza Kimber, and daughter, Isabel, were living in Troy, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania.

Moses recently visited his family in Orange County, New York. His father and mother expected a letter, but he hasn’t written yet--and they’re concerned. Ira and Rachel’s daughter-in-law, Julia Seely, includes a short letter to Moses too.

They needed to know if Moses and the family were well. I hope so although Moses better have a good reason for not writing because he definitely ruffled some feathers.

Letter 15

Dec. the 6, 1855

It is six weeks to day since you went away from
here and we have had no letter from you    little
Ira went to the city of new york last Sunday
morning and returned last tuesday morning and it
did not cost but seven shillings    went and came
free    went with ____asure Bodle    he said you
must tell little Isabel that he seen a great
many things    we are all well at present and
hope you are all enjoying the same blessing
mother says that if she could write as you can
she would write often and if  you cannot write
for time Jane might write    for we think hard to
think  that you don’t write    Direct your letters
to Minisink post office, O.C.  N.Y.

from Ira and Rahel Seely

On the reverse side of the letter-

As Mother has been righting I thought I would
wight a few lines to you    We are well except
myself and I have got the quinza and Sarah has
got sore foot    Religan is very dul for us for
my part I feal the same nead of prair and faith
in Christ as I ever did.    I dreamed that you cum
back to Orange County.    We have wondered wi you
have not right to us    William wants you to
right  when you will    will send _____   he can
get it    you must right and let us now wie you
have not right before

No mor at present
remain Yours
Julia A. Seely

Ira Seely (b. 10 Sept. 1796   d. 19 July 1881) and
Rachel Seely  (b. 4 May 1805) to their son Moses
Seeley (b. 5 Feb. 1823  d. 22 July 1901).
Little Ira was a younger brother to Moses.

Bodles were friends of the Seely family.

Julia A. Seely was the wife of Ira’s son William.

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Published 1913
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I know that feeling of wondering if a loved one is okay and these letters make my heart ache for their concern. It was certainly a lot harder before the days of cell phones to track someone down who has traveled.

    1. Some things never change. We live a very modern world but our joys and worries are just like those who came before us. Thanks for visiting Michelle.