Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Coz, Seat yourself in that big easy chair and prick open your ears, Kimber Letter 21

Lucretia Bennett writes to Cousin Eliza Jane (Kimber) Seely in Troy, Pennsylvania from Unionville, New York Nov. 16, 1856. There’s talk of Aunt Ann, Cousin Hannah Loree, Josiah Bennett, Lucretia’s Dad David Bennett, and little sister Pamela. Three of the Kimber sons-in-law, John Decker, William Clark and Caleb Jones, are mentioned too. I know Eliza Jane Seely must have enjoyed hearing the local doings of the folks back home in Orange County.

You can read the letter transcript or listen to my narration by clicking below on the YouTube video.

Kimber Letter 21, page 1

Kimber Letter 21, page 2

Transcripts provided by the late Edna Raymond, Town of Minisink Historian.


  1. I this your narration videos are such a special addition to sharing these letters. Thank you for such a great idea!

    Melissa Corn Finlay

    1. Melissa, I appreciate you letting me know. Thank you!