Friday, November 11, 2016

Father and Mother, Now is your Time to Come, Kimber Letter 20, August 31, 1856

Kimber letter 20 reflected urgency about the well-being of Keziah (Bennett) and Benjamin Kimber. Keziah must have written her daughter Sarah and husband William Mackney letting them know the matriarch and patriarch were not happy in their new home.

Keziah’s letter galvanized the family in Troy, Pennsylvania. As soon as William and Sarah Mackney read it, they sent word to Moses Seely and wife Jane Eliza Kimber. Moses and Jane came to the Mackney home that evening to discuss what could be done to help.

It was unusual for the sons-in-law to write, but each of them penned a letter to Benjamin and Keziah inviting them to come live with them and pledging to help. The Kimber daughters, Sarah and Jane Eliza, sent words of encouragement too.

Sometime in 1856 4th Great Grandparents Keziah and Benjamin left Orange County, New York behind them. I didn’t know where they were living. I got a clue when William mentioned Mark in his letter; the only Mark I’m aware of who has a family connection is Mark Congleton, husband of Mary B. Kimber. Mark and Mary lived in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and I suspect the Grandparents had been living with them or nearby.

You can read the letter for yourself or listen to my narration by clicking below on the YouTube video.

Letter 20, page 1

Letter 20, page 2

Letter 20, page 3

Transcripts provided by the late Edna Raymond, Town of Minisink Historian.

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