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Marriages in the Newburgh Telegraph Oct. 3, 1831

You never know what you’ll find in the newspapers. I knew my 3rd Great Grandparents William Parkinson Clark, and Charity Kimber married Sept. 17, 1831, in Orange County from an announcement in the Sept. 24, 1831Orange County Patriot, Goshen, New York:

   On the 17th inst by Rev. Mr. Ball   Mr. Parkinson Clark to Miss Charity Kimball, all
   of Minisink
      Source Gertrude A Barber; Orange County Patriot: a newspaper published at Goshen, N.Y., marriages and deaths from May 1828 to Dec. 1831.

You can see Great Grandmother’s surname incorrectly printed as Kimball and Great Grandfather’s middle name, Parkinson, was used rather than his first name.

I recently heard about a free New York newspaper digital collection called HRVH Historical Newspapers. The collection is part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage website at http://news.hrvh.org/  

I searched for the Kimber surname and guess what I found published in the Newburgh Telegraph, Newburgh, NY Oct. 6, 1831, issue.

Marriages published Newburgh Telegraph October 6, 1831

Excerpt from the Newburgh Telegraph, Newburgh, NY
Thursday, October 6, 1831

Yes, the Great Grandparents’ marriage. They were young when they wed; William 18 and Charity 17 years old. On a September Saturday, the Rev. Mr. Henry Ball married them.

Learning the Reverend’s full name, Mr. Henry Ball, helped me identify his church affiliation. Rev. Ball ministered to the Old School Baptist Church at Brookfield in Orange County. (Brookfield would later be known as Slate Hill.)

Now who belonged to the Old School Baptist Church—William P., Charity or both? The Orange County Genealogical Society has some Old School Church logs, minutes, and membership rolls and I can tell you the great grandparents weren’t included.

I can’t say whether Grandfather’s family had connections to the Church as I know little about his origins except for the fact he had a brother, Benjamin B. Clark.

However, Charity’s maternal grandmother, Phebe (Lain) Bennett and her Aunt Sally (Bennett) Kimber were Old School Baptist members in 1815 and 1816. Her paternal Step-Grandmother, Charity (Loree) Aber Kimber, was also a subscriber. I imagine my Great Grandmother Charity belonged to the Church too. Later in life, she would join both the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

Someday I hope to find William Parkinson Clark’s parents and learn what church they attended. If you can help, please contact me. By the way, who is Jane Kimber that married Alanson Decker the same day?

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My Ancestry
3rd Great Grandfather William P. Clark and wife Charity Kimber
2nd Great Grandfather Jeremiah B. Clark and wife Harriet C. Ogden
Great Grandmother Grace L. Wilson and husband Jerome W. Wilson
Grandmother Viola Lillian Wilson and husband Frank Leroy Doty
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Phebe Lain and Jeremiah Bennet’s Story, Minisink, NY

Jeremiah Bennett was born Feb. 20, 1760, and said to be the son of Thomas and Mary (Dyckman) Bennet. Two of Jeremiah’s children told 1880 federal census enumerators their father was born in Connecticut; other researchers claim he was born in Minisink.

5th Great Grandfather’s lifetime included the fight for American independence from England which I’m certain greatly influenced his next choice. When Jeremiah was nineteen, he signed up in Col. John Hathorn’s Orange County, New York Militia Regiment. In June, July, and November 1779, his name appeared on payrolls among the certificates returned by Col. John Hathorn.

Jeremiah collected four pounds, thirteen shillings and six pence owed from Col. Hathorn’s Regiment after the Revolutionary War ended August 2, 1785.

Excerpt payroll Col. John Hathorn's Militia Regiment
Excerpt from Ancestry.com
Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M246, 138 rolls); War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records, Record Group 93; National Archives, Washington. D.C.
Regiment: Fisher´s Regiment of Militia, 1775-1781 (Folder 100) - Hopkins´ Reg of Militia, 1779 (Folder 116)

Beatrice Linskill Sheehan notes in her book, Descendants of William Lain and Keziah Mather with her Lineage from Reverend Richard Mather, that Jeremiah also enlisted in the New York Levies with Col. Lewis DuBois’ Regiment serving under Captain Daniel Gano during the American Revolution.

Five years before the War of Independence, Phebe Lain was born Feb. 15, 1770 in Minisink, New York to William Lain and Keziah Mather. The Lain family farm passed from generation to generation and is still a working farm in Orange County.

Jeremiah Bennett married Phebe Lain Dec. 12, 1789. They would become the parents of nine children:

1)    Sally, born Oct. 31, 1790; married Abraham Kimber; died Susquehanna Co., PA 1850
2)    Keziah, born Nov. 2, 1792; married Benjamin Kimber March 30, 1812, Westtown, Orange Co., NY; died Troy, Bradford Co., PA Jan. 23, 1858
3)    David, born May 13, 1796; married Phebe Lateer; died Orange Co., NY June 29, 1868
4)    Josiah, born June 11, 1799; married Hannah Kimber Dec. 6, 1818; died Chemung Co., NY May 21, 1881
5)    Bethia, born August 8, 1801; married James Spencer; died Susquehanna Co., PA March 24, 1879
6)    Phebe, born Sept. 4, 1803; married Ezra Bacorn; died Chemung Co., NY 1884
7)    Maria, born Jan. 21, 1806; never married
8)    Joanna, born April 25, 1808
9)    Eunice, born Jan. 31, 1811; married James Loree Jan. 4, 1834; died Schuyler Co., NY Dec. 21 1893

Oct. 1, 1798, the Town of Minisink tax man assessed homes and farms within the town; William Lain, Jeremiah’s father-in-law, owned the Bennet home. In 1799, 1800, and 1801 NYS Tax Assessment Rolls (Minisink), he needed to pay taxes for real estate. Oddly, no entries exist for Great Grandfather in the Orange County deed or mortgage indexes making me think Jeremiah and Phebe always lived on Lain land.

Jeremiah supported the First Presbyterian Church in Westtown by contributing $3.00 to the building fund July 10, 1805. His daughter, Keziah, would marry Benjamin Kimber in this church seven years later.

Phebe’s father, William Lain, passed January 1811. He bequeathed $25 to Phebe and gifted Jeremiah the land where the Bennet family lived. William Lain then instructed Jeremiah to pay Phebe’s sister, Sarah Brundage, $675.

The following summer on the 24th of August 1811, Great Grandfather Jeremiah died at the age of 51 years. He’s buried in Loree Cemetery, Westtown, New York. Phebe Bennet passed Feb. 3, 1830, and rests beside him.
Loree Cemetery, Westtown, Orange Co., NY
Loree Cemetery
Westtown, Orange Co., New York

My ancestry
5th Great Grandparents Jeremiah Bennett and Phebe Lain
4th Great Grandparents Keziah Bennett and Benjamin Kimber
3rd Great Grandparents Charity Kimber and William Parkinson Clark
2nd Great Grandparents Jeremiah B. Clark and Harriet C. Ogden
Great Grandparents Grace Lee Clark and Jerome W. Wilson
Grandparents Viola Lillian Wilson and Frank Leroy Doty
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