Thursday, January 26, 2017

Keziah writes Daughters in Luzerne County, PA, Kimber Letter 23

Today’s letter dated January 11, 1857, is addressed to Catherine Welda and Abigail Kimber, Keziah Kimber’s daughters in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Grandmother Keziah and Grandfather Benjamin boarded with their daughter, Jane Seely, in Troy, Pennsylvania at this date.

Catherine and her husband John T. Welda resided in Luzerne County with their two small children—Jacob Theodore and Sarah. Abigail came from Orange County, New York with her parents; she must have been staying with Catherine’s family.

Grandmother Keziah shares news about her son-in-law Moses’ work in Pine Crick. Grandfather Benjamin pitches in and takes care of the livestock for him. Another Kimber daughter living in Troy (Sarah Mackney) gets to visit when Grandfather transports the ladies back and forth. Keziah tells Catherine and Abigail the Bennett family news.

No doubt Keziah worried about her health when she wrote, “time is fast a hasting when I shall be no more in this world.” Her words would prove to be prophetic; she died just about a year later at the age of 65 years.

We learn Sarah Alice Seely will celebrate a birthday January 16th and hear a Grandma’s dear messages to the Welda grandchildren.

You can read the letter transcript or listen to my narration by clicking below on the YouTube video:

Transcripts provided by the late Edna Raymond, Town of Minisink Historian.

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