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Henry Harman, Cooper, Augusta Co., VA 1806-1865

When I blogged last, I discussed my 3rd Great Grandfather Henry Harman’s plea to the Confederate President Jefferson Davis to let his sons John and George return home to help the Augusta County, Virginia farmers. Grandfather Henry, John, and George were coopers, and the farmers needed them to produce barrels for their flour in August of 1861. See Bookmarked: The Papers of Jefferson Davis, 1861.

Henry Harman suffered from liver disease and died July 24, 1865, twenty-six days after the War ended between the North and South.

Grandfather must have known his death was near as he composed a will July 2, 1865. He willed his house and lot to wife Eliza Jane as well as another lot bought from James T. Clarke. Four single Harman daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret Rachel, Susan Catherine, and Radie Maria, would be provided for in their mother’s home.

Son George Harman inherited Henry’s shop, a lot, and coopering tools. A mountain lot Grandfather purchased from John Craun went to George too.

Once 3rd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane passed, Henry wanted his property sold and divided equally among his living children or their heirs. A daughter, Mary Jane, and son, John Irvine Harman, predeceased their father.

Ten days later on July 12, 1865, Grandfather Henry altered his will and prepared a codicil stating he wished his wife and four unmarried daughters to benefit from one-half of the Craun tract. Before the codicil, George would have received the entire mountain lot. His father’s change of mind instructed George to buy the Harman women’s share.

Although not mentioned, married daughter Sarah Ann (Harman) Oder was living when her father wrote his will. (Sarah Ann married Dr. George B. Oder before the Civil War.)

Augusta County, VA Will Book 40, pages 277-278

     Know all men by these presents, that I Henry Harman of the County of Augusta and state of Virginia, being mindful of my mortality, of sound mind and disposing memory, and desirous of making some disposition of my worldly effects do this 2nd day of July one thousand eight hundred and sixty five make this my last will and testament in the following manner following to wit:  I desire that my executor herein after named shall pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as convenient. I desire and bequeath unto my wife Eliza Jane Harman during her lifetime the house and lot where I reside including the lot bought of James T. Clarke as Trustee & c  and all the appertenances thereto belonging including the personal property that may remain on the premises at my decease. I provide also that my four single daughters shall remain with their mother during their single life & receive with her their support. For the support and comfort of my wife and said daughters I desire that my Executor shall pay over to my wife from time to time (while there remains anything in his hands) whatever may be necessary for their comfortable support. At the death of my wife I desire said property to be sold & together with any other effects that may remain, and be divided equally among my surviving children or their heirs or representatives. I further will & desire that my executor pay together with my other debts the balances due Dr. C. R. Harris, and the estate of John Craun dec’d on property bought of them & get deeds for same. To my son George Harman I will & bequeath my shop and shop lot, together with all my coopering tools, and my mountain land bought of John Craun dec’d And I nominate and appoint D. A. Van Lear as my Executor.
 In Witness whereof I hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the day and year afore written
                                                                                    Henry Harman
We the undersigned witnessed the above signature
of the testator ~ This 2nd day July 1865
    Waller Oder
    Abraham Andrew
  I Henry Harman yet of sound mind and disposing memory do desire to make this codicil to my will this twelfth day July 1865 (Wednesday) to wit, I wish that the family consisting of my wife and four unmarried daughters to have the benefit of half of the Craun tract of land, to be theirs in fee simple, and that the other half shall be paid for by George and the conveyance be made to him for the same – I also wish Dr. C. R. Harris to make the conveyance for the shop lot to my son George
                                                                                    Witness my hand and seal
                                                                                    Henry Harman
Witnessed by us this 12 of July 1865
                        J. M. McCue
                        Absalom Michael

In the County Court of Augusta September the 25th 1865
This last will and testament of Henry Harman dec’d with a codicil thereto annexed was presented in Court and said will proved by the oaths of Waller Oder and Abraham Andrew the subscribing witnesses thereto and said will to be recorded without the codicil. And on the motion of D. Newton Van Lear the Executor therein named, who made oath according to law and together with Joseph D. Craig his security (who justified as to his sufficiency) entered into bond the sum of Two thousand dollars payable and with condition as required by law which bond was acknowledged in Open Court by the obligor thereto was ordered to be recorded   Certificate is granted the said D. Newton Van Lear for obtaining a probate of said will in due form.
                                                                                    William A. Burnett  Clk

In the County of Augusta    November the 27th 1865
This last will and testament of Henry Harman dec’d with a codicil [sheets affixed] was again presented in Court and said Codicil proved by the oaths of J. M. McCue and Absalom Michael the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
                                                                                    William A. Burnett   Clk

Augusta County, VA Will Book 40, page 277, Henry Harman

Augusta County, VA Will Book 40, page 277

Augusta County, VA Will Book 40, page 278, Henry Harman
Augusta County, VA Will Book 40, page 278
(see 1st paragraph)

My Ancestry
3rd Great Grandfather Henry Harman and wife Eliza Jane Fifer
2nd Great Grandmother Radie Maria Harman and husband James Addison McFall
Great Grandmother Flora Belle McFall and husband Daniel Franklin Joseph
Grandfather James McFall Joseph and wife Lucy Leora Clemmer
My Father

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