Casper Kimber

Welcome. If you’re a Kimber with family ties to Orange County, New York, I’d be willing to bet you belong with the Casper Kimber family.

7th Great Grandfather Casper Kimber was an Orange County, New York pioneer arriving in the county by 1739. Earlier records place Casper in Jamaica, Queens County, New York and New York City.

I have two 3rd Great Grandmothers that were Kimber’s—each lineage from my maternal grandparents. Charity Kimber is a documented Casper Kimber descendant. She was my Grandma Viola Lillian (Wilson) Doty’s Great Grandmother. My Grandpa Frank Leroy Doty’s Great Grandmother was Phebe Maria Kimber. I haven’t yet established Phebe Maria as a proven Casper Kimber descendant but hope to.

For many years I’ve been trying to find evidence that Casper was the son of George Kimber and Mary (or Maria) Nixon. They married in Brooklyn, New York 1685 and afterward were Jamaica, Queens County, New York dwellers.  I’ll discuss my theory at a future date with you.

Listed below are my ‘Casper Kimber’ posts (click on title). Some of these are linked to my other blog ‘Casper Kimber Connections’.  As always, comments are always welcome. 


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