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Well Known County Man Embarks on His Third Matrimonial Venture

Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, Friday, Oct. 21, 1910

Well Known County Man Embarks
on His Third Matrimonial Venture

    Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of the Rev. H. T. Heironimus, on Montgomery Avenue, Mr. Daniel F. Joseph of the Ashby neighborhood was wedded to Miss Julia Greaver. Mr. Joseph is forty seven years of age and this is his third bride, the former two having been Miss Bell Payne of Newport, Va., and Mrs. Flora Belle Bolen of Mt. Solon, prior to their marriage to Mr. Joseph.
  Following the ceremony the couple left for their home in the county.[1]
Actually, great-grandfather Daniel Franklin Joseph married a 4th time. He has the distinction of being my ancestor who married the most. Most certainly he liked having a lady around the house. Necessity probably played a role in his decisions to marry as he needed someone to care for his home and his children.

Daniel Franklin was born February 24, 1865 in Swoope, Augusta County, Virginia to William Wilson Joseph and Eliza Jane Spitlar near the end of the Civil War. He was one of eight children being the seventh born.

Sybell B. Payne married Daniel Sept. 16, 1886 at Churchville, Augusta County, Virginia. [2] Her parents were Samuel Payne and Maria Craig. Sybell, also known as Bell, was born in Augusta County about 1865. [3] They had four children—Oscar Milton born 1888, Celia born 1890, Lytie Loraine born 1892 and Minnie born 1896. Lytie Loraine was their only child alive by 1900. The Staunton Spectator reported “Mrs. Daniel Joseph of near Annex, is critically ill” in the Personals column April 10, 1903. [4]

A widowed Daniel married Flora B. Bolen in Churchville, Augusta County, Virginia August 16, 1904.[5] Flora Belle was a member of the McFall family from Mt. Solon. When she wed great-grandfather she was a 29 year old divorcee who was previously married to John W. Bolen. Her parents were David McFall and Rodie M. Harman. Flora Belle came to the marriage with her daughter, Ruby Esther Bolen (born 1894), from her previous marriage while Daniel brought his daughter, Lytie Loraine, to the new family.

Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, Friday, August 26, 1904


      Churchville, Aug. 20--Mr. Daniel F. Joseph and Mrs. Flora B. Bolen, daughter of the late James A. McFall, were married on the 17th, at "Mapleton," the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Howard S. Irvine. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Howard S. Irvine, pastor of the Deerfield Baptist church, in the presence of a number of near friends of the contracting parties. Among those from a distance were Dr. and Mrs. George H. Eyster, Dr. English Eyster and Mrs. Chas. C. Bagby of Baltimore; Mrs. N. H. Phillips of Williamsburg; Mrs. Calhoun of Albemarle; Mr. P. D. McFall, of Staunton and Mr. Chas. B. Irvine of Harrisonburg.[6]

My grandfather, James McFall Joseph was born in 1906 followed by Lacy Daniel in 1907. Lacy Daniel died when he was only 2 years old. Flora Belle Joseph was born March 17, 1910. Just about three weeks later on April 9 Flora Belle (McFall) Bolen Joseph passed. 

Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, Friday, April 15, 1910

   Mrs. D. F. Joseph died at her home at Laurel Hill on Saturday morning, after a short illness, aged about 38 years. She was twice married and is survived by her second husband and three children. Deceased was born at Mt. Solon, and before marriage was a Miss McFall. The funeral took place Sunday and was conducted by Rev. Mr. Coffman from Asbury Chapel. [7]

Julia Greaver was great-grandfather’s 3rd wife and is the subject of the marriage announcement that began this blog post. The family story is that my grandfather’s step-mother, Julia, didn’t treat him kindly. I think there must be some truth to this since I found him at age thirteen living with his Uncle Milton Henry Joseph’s family. [8]

I don’t know what happened to Julia Greaver but Daniel married a 4th time to Elsie Jones Talley Sept. 21, 1929. [9] Daniel died Jan. 19, 1940 survived by Elsie. Daniel and Elsie are buried together in Staunton at Thornrose Cemetery.[10]

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Richard Wight 1834-1907

My ancestral line leading to Richard Wight begins with my grandfather's mother. Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty was the son of Emily Wight and Lewis Penny Doty. Emily was Richard and Emily (Brundage) Wight's youngest daughter.

Richard Wight
Jonas Wight (1808-1878)
Caroline Ackley (1809-1894)

Individual Facts
Sep. 26, 1834
McDonough, Chenango Co., NY15
1855 (about age 21)
McDonough, Chenango Co., NY6
1860 (about age 26)
McDonough, Chenango, New York, United States7
1870 (about age 36)
Wawayanda, Orange, NY5
1875 (about age 41)
McDonough, Chenango, New York8
1880 (about age 46)
Wawayanda, Orange, NY9
Jun. 8, 1900 (age 65)
Greene, Chenango, NY2
1902 (about age 68)
Greene, Chenango, NY10
Jun. 1, 1905 (age 70)
Sherburne, Chenango, NY11
Mar. 21, 1907 (age 72)
from senile pneumonia; Sherburne, Chenango, NY3
Mar. 23, 1907 (age 72)
Brisben, Chenango., NY3,12

1. Emily Brundage (1835-1873)
Aug. 16, 1860 (age 25)
Caroline Phoebe Wight (1861-1923)

Anna A. Wight (1863-1920)

Burt Wight (1865-1944)

Eleanor Wight (1868-1915)

Emily Wight (1870-1956)


Richard Wight was enumerated twice in the 1855 New York State census. He was living in his father's home with his family. His 2nd census entry was with his employer, J. W. Hamilton where he worked as a laborer. [Source 1855 NYS Census, 1st Election District, Smithville, Chenango Co., NY, dwelling 285, line 3]

June 21, 1860 Richard was enumerated in the federal census in his parents' home. He was employed as a Peddler.

A few months later Great Grandparents Richard Wight and Emily Brundage married August 16, 1860. Emily was an Orange County, New York girl. I am so curious how they met, courted and married with their homes at least 138 miles apart. How far did Richard peddle from home?

Daughters Carrie and Anna were both born in New York in 1861 and 1863. A son, Bertie, was born in Waterloo, Iowa November 1865 so the family must have spent a short time there. By the way, Richard's brother, George Tarbell Wight, settled in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., Iowa approximately the same time. George remained in Waterloo while Richard and his family returned to Orange County, NY by the time daughter Eleanor was born in 1868. 

In 1870 Richard, Emily and children were living next door to her parents in Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY.  Emily died January 1873 leaving Richard with five young children. When the 1875 NYS census was recorded on June 4, Richard was living in McDonough, Chenango Co., NY with his three older children--Caroline, Anna and Bertie. His younger daughters, Eleanor and Emily, were residing with their maternal grandparents, Phebe Maria and Orsamus Brundage, in Orange County. According to the 1880 federal census, Richard Wight was working at Wawayanda as a laborer on John H. Reeve's farm close to his Brundage in-laws. Richard's only son, Albert W., was living with his Brundage grandparents as well as his two youngest daughters.

Richard was living in Pharsalia, Chenango Co., N.Y. by 1890. On Feb. 3, 1890, Richard Wight received $2,000.00 as his legacy from his father's estate. Jonas Wight's will indicated Richard would get his money within 18 months after his mother, Caroline Wight, died. In 1900, he was residing with his oldest daughter, Carrie, and her family in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y.  where he  remained until his death.

From The Norwich Sun published in Norwich, Chenango Co., New York Saturday Evening, March 23, 1907, page 2:

Sherburne, March 23--The funeral of Richard Wight, who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. F. O. Barr, Thursday morning, was held at 2 o 'clock this afternoon, at his late home, Rev. C. V. Stocum of the Baptist church officiating. The remains were placed in the vault in the Sherburne Quarter cemetery and later will be taken to the family plot in the cemetery near Brisbin. Mr. Wight was nearly 73 years old.  His former home has been near Greene but for the past six or seven years he has resided in Sherburne.

I'd like to give special thanks to fellow ‘Richard Wight descendant’ Glenda for sharing her Wight family documents and information with me. I appreciate her kindness.

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Definition of Cousin:
   1. A child of one's aunt or uncle. Also called first cousin.
   2. A relative descended from a common ancestor, such as a grandparent, by two or more steps in a diverging line.

Today’s post is all about cousins; specifically cousins that were the grandchildren of Jeremiah B. Clark and his wife Harriet C. Ogden. Jeremiah and Harriet were married July 3, 1861 in Westtown, Orange Co., New York. When they first married, they lived in the Wawayanda township, later moving on to Greenville and finally to Goshen where Jeremiah owned and operated a butcher shop.

The Clark’s had seven children—Frances E., David Pullis, Minnie I., Franklin Emerson, Amos Ryerson, Lillian Mae and Grace Lee. The children all married and had families of their own giving Jeremiah and Harriet twenty-one grandchildren.

Photo from Personal Collection
Cousins Ethel Clark, Nellie Hewitt and Ella Wilson

Ethel Clark (born 1893) was the only child of Frank Emerson Clark and Fannie Smith. Nellie Hewitt (born 1890) was also the only child of Lillian Mae Clark and George B. Hewitt. Ella Wilson (born 1899) was Grace & Jerome’s oldest daughter. This photograph was taken professionally probably by a studio in Middletown, New York.

Photo from Personal Collection
Ella Wilson, Viola Wilson and Laura Fitzgerald

Sisters Ella and Viola are seated atop a mule while Cousin Laura Fitzgerald keeps an eye on them. Ella and Viola Wilson were the daughters of Grace Lee Clark and Jerome Walter Wilson. Laura Fitzgerald was Minnie and Eugene Fitzgerald’s daughter. Viola was my grandmother born in 1904. If you look very closely at this snapshot, you can see great-great grandmother Harriet (Ogden) Clark sitting on the porch. This might have been Uncle David Clark’s home on Matthews St. in Goshen, New York. The barn on the left belonged to the Clark’s. Grandmother Harriet died in 1912 so the photo was taken before then. Perhaps this can be dated about 1909/1910.

Photo from Personal Collection

Nettie Clark
Nettie Clark (born 1893) was the oldest child of David Pullis Clark and Ada Dolson. Nettie’s picture was taken at the Wheeler Studio in Goshen, New York.

Photo from Personal Collection
 Clara Fitzgerald and Viola Wilson
Clara (born 1894) was Minnie Clark and Eugene Fitzgerald’s youngest child. There’s my grandmother with her.
Photo from Personal Collection
 George and David Clark

You know they have a good sense of humor! They are Amos Clark and Irene Carpenter’s sons. George was born in 1914 and David in 1910. The pic was probably snapped near their home when they lived on East Main Street in Middletown, New York. I would guess the date to be the early 1920’s.

Photo from Personal Collection
 Knapp Cousins

Frances E. Clark and Adelbert Knapp had six children—Edith (born 1887), Pearl (born 1889), Frank (born 1890), Hattie (born 1892), Elmeda (born 1895) and Ada (born 1898). I have a portrait of Fanny and Dell’s family posed on their front lawn at 265 West Main St., Goshen, New York with their children and grandchildren. I cropped the Knapp girls from this portrait but you’ll notice there are six girls rather than Fanny and Dell’s five daughters. Young Frank Knapp’s wife must be included. I think the daughter-in-law might be the 4th from the left. In the original photograph, Frank is standing behind her. I don’t know which daughter is Edith, Pearl, Hattie, Elmeda or Ada.  I’m hoping a reader will be able to identify the girls.

Photo from Personal Collection
 Frank Knapp
Son of Frances E. Clark and Adelbert Knapp

Not pictured are David P. Clark and Ada Dolson’s other children--Jeremiah Benjamin Clark (born 1894), Charles Wilcox Clark (born 1899), Woodford Pitts Clark (born 1905) and Blanche Elizabeth (born about 1912). No photos exist for Percy Fitzgerald (born 1889) and Cora Fitzgerald (born 1893) who were brother and sister to Laura and Clara, children of Minnie Clark and Eugene Fitzgerald.