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Dear Son and Nephew

5th Great Grandfather Samuel Kimber was born 1762 and reared in the Minisink region of Orange County, New York bordering Sussex County, New Jersey. He enlisted with the Third Regiment of the Orange County Militia during the American Revolution.[1] Shortly after the war, Samuel started a family with Maria Bennett. In the passing years he became an active community member serving as constable, tax collector and commissioner of schools for the town of Minisink.

After leading a respected life in Orange County, Samuel Kimber answered the call to move on to ‘greener pastures’ when he was 56 years old. He mortgaged 90 and 24/100 acres of his land in Minisink Sept. 17, 1817 for $1,000.[2] By 1818 Samuel and his son, Peter, had migrated together to Washington Township, Darke County, Ohio. [3] I don’t know whether Samuel traveled to Ohio with his 1stwife, Maria Bennett or his 2nd wife, Charity (Loree) Aber. In 1828 he served Washington Township as its treasurer. [4]

Following is a letter that Samuel wrote to his son, Benjamin Kimber (my ancestor) and his nephew, George Kimber back home in Minisink, New York. No doubt he was hoping for a visit from his son.

Greenville (Ohio)  June the 30th, 1829

Dear son and nephew:

   I once more take my pen in trembling hand to inform you that I am in health hoping that these few lines will find you yours all in health- -I have had the worst spell of the rheumatism that I ever had--I were taken the forepart of February and after some days were confined to my bed where I had to continue for some time--I could not get from the bed to the fire for some time, but I have got so that I begin to walk about but I cannot straighten my knee yet.
   Our friends and neighbors are all well.  Wheat looks good and corn looks very good.  Sarah Elston says she has got the deed for James land ready for you when you come, we look for you in September, so no more.

Samuel Kimber--written to Benjamin and George Kimber.[5]

Samuel Kimber spent the rest of his life in Darke Co., Ohio passing Sept. 27, 1835.

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[5] Mrs. Ridall of Buffalo, NY, a Kimber-Seeley descendant, contributed a letter written by Samuel Kimber in Greenville, Ohio to his son and nephew to William J. Coulter.  William J. Coulter published the account in his 'Genealogical and Historical' column published with the Westbrook family genealogy.  [Wantage Recorder, Sussex Co., NJ Jan. 29, 1937 Issue]

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