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Augusta County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, Book 15, 1815-1816

Jacob Fifer, bachelor, and Anne Bittle, spinster, promised the Governor of Virginia that there were no legal problems with them marrying April 22, 1816. Samuel Cramer (at least I think it says Samuel Cramer) served as a bondsman. Usually the bondsman was a relative or friend of the groom or bride.

In Virginia the age of consent to marry was 21. Jacob wasn't 21 years old so his father, George Fifer, Sr., prepared a note for the Augusta County, VA clerk providing his son with his permission to marry. Jacob signed the note and John Shelly acted as a witness.

Augusta County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, Book 15, 185-1816
My 4th great grandparents, Jacob Fifer and Anne Bittle, did marry and had six children—Eliza J. born Dec. 1816, Joshua born 1817, Margaret born Dec. 1821, Wilhelm born 1823, James M. born 1831 and Ellis born 1833. Eliza J. would marry Henry Harman in 1834 at Augusta County, VA. Their daughter Rodie Maria Harman married James Addison McFall Jan. 23, 1870. Flora Belle McFall, Rodie and James’ daughter, married Daniel Franklin Joseph, the parents of my grandfather James McFall Joseph.

Anne (Bittle) Fifer died on April 18, 1833—37 years old. Jacob would marry again to Frances Dickerson and Rebecca Balsey.

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