Sunday, May 4, 2014


For some time I’ve been in a quandary concerning 3rd Great Grandfather BESTER B. PECK. I’ve theorized he was called BARSTOW PECK when a child and have located records involving the child BARSTOW and then the young man and adult BESTER B. PECK in Franklin and Norwich, New London Co., CT.

BESTER B. PECK has been mentioned previously in my blog posts Bester B. Peck, Husband and Father, 1798-1863Hunting for Bester's Parents  and Bester's Early Years ......... Or Should I Call Him Barstow? Today I’m making a leap of faith and am accepting BESTER B. PECK and BARSTOW PECK to be one and the same person. I’ll continue to seek evidence to further my conclusion and welcome comments from my readers.

Please see my earlier posts for details supporting my ‘leap of faith’. 

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