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James and Lucy Get Married

Scanned image from personal collection
James McFall Joseph and Lucy Leora Clemmer

James M. Joseph and Lucy L. Clemmer applied for a marriage license July 5, 1927 with the Middletown, New York city clerk. Each provided information about themselves and their parents. James and Lucy signed their affidavit to marry indicating their statements were true and there were no legal reasons for them not to marry.

Well, there was no legal reason they couldn’t be married but they did fudge a few facts. My grandfather was definitely born March 3rd—but the year has ranged in various records from 1904 to 1908. James stated his home was 403 Marquis St., Staunton, VA. I believe 403 Marquis St. was his sister Lytie’s home and I can see how he thought of this as his home but he was in Middletown by 1926 and was employed by the Middletown State Hospital as an attendant. Lucy also indicated her home was Route 5, Staunton, VA. This probably was her parents’ home since she had also arrived in Middletown by 1926 and was employed at the Middletown State Hospital too. After they married, their future home would be on the Hospital grounds.

Scanned image of photocopy from NYS Dept. of Health, Albany, NY
State of New York
Affidavit for License to Marry

Scanned image of photocopy from NYS Dept. of Health, Albany, NY
Marriage License

On that very same day, July 5, 1927, James and Lucy went to Rev. E. Van Dyke Wight’s home at 50 East Main Street to be wed. Rev. E. Van Dyke Wight was a minister associated with the Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church in Middletown. The Reverend’s wife and Kenneth W. Richards acted as witnesses to the marriage.

After their marriage, James and Lucy lived briefly in Hopatcong, New Jersey where my father was born. Then they went home to Augusta County, VA for a short time. Afterwards they returned to Middletown and work at the Middletown State Hospital. They stayed in Middletown for a good many years before moving to East Islip, NY. James and Lucy both found work at the Central Islip State Hospital and made their home on Long Island for their remaining years.

Scanned image of photocopy from NYS Dept. of Health, Albany, NY
Marriage Certificate

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