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Casper Kimber Sells Horses, Cows and Sheep to Samuel Clowes 1748 Goshen, New York

William J. Coulter was a veteran newspaper man from Orange County, New York who published his column “Genealogical & Historical” in the local newspapers. He was respected for his knowledge of local history and genealogical work with Orange County families.

Mr. Coulter published an article titled

A Very Old Document Comes to Hand.
One of the Oldest Orange County Towns”

that was printed in the Wantage Recorder, Deckertown, Sussex County, New Jersey June 20, 1924 issue. Sussex County is Orange County’s neighbor to the south. Mrs. Minnie Topping, a Kimber descendant from Unionville, New York, loaned a document to William J. Coulter. I am also a Casper Kimber descendant. He is my 7th Great Grandfather and the progenitor of the family in Orange County.

The ‘very old document’ was a bill of sale dated 1748 when Casper Kimber sold all his horses, cattle, sheep and other items to Samuel Clowes:

“This indenture made the first day of (this figure or figures are faded) in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty-eight, between Casper Kimber of Wirkesworth near Goshen in Orange County, in the colony of New York, Weaver, of the one part aid Samuel Clowes, of Jamaica in Queens County, on Long Island, Gent, of the second part, witnesseth that the said Casper Kimber for and in consideration of the sum of 55 pounds lawful money of New York to him paid at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is duly acknowledged to be paid by the said Samuel Clowes wherewith the said Casper Kimber doth declare himself to be fully paid and satisfied, Hath bargained and sold and the said Casper Kimber doth bargain and sell  unto him the said Samuel Clowes all and every of the horses, cattle, and other goods now in the possession of the said Casper Kimber he conveys to said Cloves, to witt:

“One rhone mare, one black stalyon three-years-old with a blaze in his face and down his nose; one yearling horse colt, black with a blaze in his face and branded C. C.; four cows one a black one, one white and two red ones, with different marks, some of them have a ha panny piece nick under each ear; one steer three years old; one steer two years old; three yearlings and two calves, that have no marks or are marked with a half nick under ear of each; twenty five sheep on foot, one pewter dish and one pewter spoon; one black horse and one bay branded  F. C. B.”

Then follows the usual bill of sale guarantees and legal conditions drawn up with legal precision, and evidently by a lawyer.  To it written a clear bold hand is the signature “Casparus Kimber”. “Sealed and delivered and quiet possession given by the delivery of the said above mentioned pewter spoon part of the properties answering to the purport of this present writing in the presence of John Sackett, Jr., George Kimber”.  

Mr. Coulter’s published newspaper account is lengthier than the paragraphs quoted above. If you would like a scanned image of his entire article, send me an email at jere42miah@gmail.com with the subject “Wantage Recorder”.

My Line of Descent:
7th Great Grandparents Casperus Kimber and Femmetje Williamse
6th Great Grandparents George Kimber and Sara Westfael
5th Great Grandparents Samuel Kimber and Maria Bennett
4th Great Grandparents Benjamin Kimber and Keziah Bennett
3rd Great Grandparents William P. Clark and Charity Kimber
2nd Great Grandparents Jeremiah B. Clark and Harriet C. Ogden
Great Grandparents Jerome Walter Wilson and Grace Lee Clark
Grandparents Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillan Wilson
My Mother

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