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Daniel Joseph’s Lands in Augusta County, Virginia

Daniel Joseph arranged to buy lands in Augusta County, Virginia in February of 1781. I don’t know the particulars as to payments but he committed himself to two purchases in two days’ time buying a total of 165 acres. He had accumulated some money to begin his land buys.

The first purchase was Feb. 19, 1781 when Daniel bought 85 acres in Augusta County from Thomas and Elizabeth Strain for 10,000 Pounds. The land was located on both sides of the Middle River of Shenadore adjoining John Poage’s and James Strain’s land.[i]

The very next day, Feb. 20, 1781, he purchased 80 acres from Christopher and Margaret Favour for 6,000 Pounds. [ii] The property was bound by Hugh Green and James Allen’s land. Both transactions were recorded in court Feb. 20, 1781.

By October 27, 1781 Daniel sold the 85 acres he acquired from Thomas and Elizabeth Strain in February to James Gardner for 20,000 Pounds. [iii] He made a 10,000 Pound profit. Daniel Joseph probably wasn’t yet married to Eve Hanger since her name was not included in this deed. Daniel’s signature, whether it was copied into the deed book by the court clerk or truly Daniel’s own hand, has been identified as “Old Hebrew”. George Keisel, James Kennerly Sr. and Wm. Lewis acted as witnesses to the land sale.

He bought 2 parcels of Augusta County land from Robert Rogers and Elizabeth his wife lying in Beverly Manor on both sides of Christian Creek for 200 pounds on May 20, 1783. One tract contained 125 acres and the other 40 acres.[iv] The sale was acknowledged in court the same day. A little over a year later on June 15, 1784, Daniel and Eve Joseph sold the two tracts to John Bance for 185 Pounds. [v] Daniel and Eve Hanger had married by this time because her name appeared on the deed. This deed was also recorded in court June 15th.

On July 19, 1784, Daniel Joseph bought land from Jacob and Catharine Doran for 120 pounds consisting of 365 acres in Augusta Co. described as ‘some Drafts of Moffet's Branch’ bound by William Mathew's land. [vi] The land sale was recorded in court July 20, 1784. Prior to this land sale, Augusta Co. Court records referred to a writ (a written order of a court addressed to a sheriff or similar officer who must carry out the instructions of the court) dated June 4, 1783 involving a suit ‘Daniel Joseph vs. Jacob Torn (Dovan)’[vii]. The surname Doran seems very similar to Torn or Dovan and I wonder if Daniel acquired the land through a court action. Daniel and Eve sold the 365 acres to George Hammer of Rockingham County, Virginia May 17, 1785. [viii] John Poage, Moses Moore and John Johnston witnessed the sale.

Daniel & Eve Joseph of Rockingham Co., Virginia sold a 100 acre parcel of land to William Baker of Augusta Co. for 185 pounds on the waters of the Middle River bordering Peter Hanger's land and James Allen’s line Feb. 12, 1791.[ix]  I believe this sale encompasses the 80 acres Daniel acquired from Christopher and Margaret Favour Feb. 20, 1781. Three of the witnesses to the deed proved the sale by their oaths in court Feb. 15, 1791. This extra step must have been necessary because Eve Joseph wasn’t able to attend.  Eve couldn’t travel to court to make her acknowledgement when they sold 100 acres to William Baker so John Pirkey and Peter Nicholas went personally to certify that Eve did acknowledge the conveyance of the land.[x]

This last deed indicates Daniel and Eve’s residence to be Rockingham County in February of 1791. Rockingham County borders Augusta County on the north. Daniel had connections to Rockingham County as early as June 1783 when his law suits began to appear in court records. I suspect 4th Great grandfather had some business interest in Rockingham County and will discuss his Rockingham connections in another blog post.

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