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Jonathon Ogden, Orange County, New York, ca 1765-1811

Today I want to tell you about my 4th Great Grandfather Jonathon Ogden.

I am descended from Jonathon and his 1st wife Racheal by

their son Gilbert B. Ogden and wife Mary Hazen,
their daughter Harriet Ogden and husband Jeremiah B. Clark,
their daughter Grace Lee Clark and husband Jerome Walter Wilson,
their daughter and my grandmother Viola Lillian Wilson and spouse Frank Leroy Doty,
my mother
and myself.

Jonathon Ogden was the progenitor of the Ogden Family in Orange County, New York.  No information has yet been found about his parents or childhood.  Most likely Jonathon was born between 1765 and 1775.  It’s said by Ogden family members that he died in 1811.

His first wife’s name was Rachael. Her existence has been verified by a mortgage record dated Feb. 6, 1795[1].  Perhaps Rachael had died by 1797 as Jonathon again had mortgaged his land but this time Rachael’s name was not included on the document.[2] I estimate Jonathon and Rachael married about 1792 and had three sons.

Sarah Howell was Jonathon’s second wife.  Jonathon and Sarah Ogden recorded a mortgage on April 26, 1806 per Orange County land records.[3]  Although Sarah’s parents are unknown, her place of birth is specified as Blooming Grove, N.Y. according to her son’s death certificate.  Jonathon and Sarah’s first child was born in 1800 and the last in 1810.

Jonathon lived in the Town of Minisink, N.Y. for some years.  He was enumerated in the 1790 Census at Minisink.[4]  On May 24, 1790, Great Grandfather registered a cattle mark with the town.[5]  Mortgage records indicate he mortgaged 56 acres described as Lot No. 56 in the Wawayanda Patent for £25 to Dr. John Gale.[6]  On Jan. 21, 1797, he mortgaged 2 1/2 acres and 9 rods of land to Gilbert Brundage for £50.[7] The Minisink 1798 Assessment records indicate Jonathon owned a shop and house valued at $30.00 on 3 acres adjoining James Reeve’s property.  Jonathon Ogden and Jonathan G. Graham were witnesses in November 1798 to David Murray’s land partitions.[8]  In the 1800 federal census, the family was still dwelling in Minisink. [9] On Oct. 31, 1803, Jonathon acted as a witness to James Reeve’s will.[10]

Jonathon relocated to the town of Wallkill (Orange Co.) within a few years.  On April 26, 1806, he mortgaged 30 acres in the town of Wallkill being described as Lot number 42 in the Minisink Angle.[11] The 1810 federal census places Jonathon residing in the Town of Wallkill with his family.[12]

While Jonathon’s mortgage records were properly acknowledged and recorded with the County Clerk, no deeds were found for the lands he owned. At this early date, it wasn’t a requirement to record land purchases or sales. Too bad--I’m certain those land deeds would have held more clues.

Children with Rachael, 1st wife:

2.  Jonathan Graham, born May 8, 1793, mar. Hannah Finch, died June 5, 1860
3.  Benjamin
4.  Gilbert B., born July 9, 1795, mar. Mary Hazen, died June 6, 1848

Children with Sarah Howell, 2nd wife:

5.  Martha (Patty) born ca 1800, mar. David F. Wheat, died July 18, 1855
6.  Jacob Howell, born July 2, 1802, mar. Cynthia Wells Vail, died July 28, 1883
7.  Daniel, born Oct. 5, 1804, mar. Arminda Tyron, died March 27, 1881
8.  Thomas Purdy, born Sept. 1, 1808, mar. Julia Wells Cox, died Sept. 26, 1890
9.  Sally, born ca 1810, mar. George Graham

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Note: Thomas Purdy Ogden’s Obituary identified all of Jonathon Ogden’s children. The obituary was published in the Middletown Daily Press, Middletown, New York, Saturday, Sept. 27, 1890.

Many thanks to the Ogden Descendants, past and present, for sharing their research


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    I want to let you know that your blog is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

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    1. Jana, Thank you. It's great to be a Fab Find

  2. Barbara...have you considered the possibility that your Jonathon may be the John listed as a son of William Ogden Jr, born 1731ish in North Castle, Westchester, NY. William may be found in the 1790 U.S. Census a page after Jonathon.

    Bill Ogden from Ancestry,com

    1. Bill,
      Yes, I have wondered for a long time if my Jonathon belongs with the William Ogden family from Westchester County. The naming patterns are very similar. My problem is not being able to document any connections.

      And to add another element to the mix, William's daughter, Martha, married John Brundage. John and Martha Brundage settled in Minisink too. They are also my 5th great grandparents. They had a son Gilbert who might be the Gilbert Brundage who gave my Jonathon a mortgage.

      Are you related to my branch of the tree? Thanks for visiting.

    2. Barbara...I am descended from William Ogden Junior's brother Joseph (my 5th great grandfather). My 4th great grandfather (another Joseph) and his son (3rd ggf) Daniel appear in the Mamakating, Ulster, NY, pages of the 1800 U.S. Census...they, too, had joined the westward migration.

      I THINK we've communicated before on Ancestry (???) let me know if you knock down any brick walls!

    3. Barbara,

      I am a descendant of Gilbert Brundage, son of John and Martha(Ogden)Brundage. This Gilbert Brundage is almost certainly the person who had the mortgage with your Jonathan Ogden. I agree with Bill Ogden that your Jonathan Ogden may be the son of William Ogden who lived in Wallkill, NY and was the brother of Martha (Ogden) Brundage and Bill's ancestor Joseph Brundage.

      Mark Phelsp

    4. Mark,
      It's comforting to know we share the same Ogden ancestry theory. If only we could prove it!Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Yes, I remember now. I would love to knock down this brick wall!

  4. I am a descendant of the Gilbert Brundage b. 1759 who mortaged property from Jonathan Ogden.

    Jonathan Ogden is almost certainly from the Ogden family of North Castle, Westchester, NY and before that, Rye, NY.

    John Ogden b. 1625 married Judith Budd and settled in Rye, NY in 1672.