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Census Sunday, Orsamus C. Brundage Family, Wawayanda, New York

The 1865 New York State census is a genealogical gem! Just a few months after the Civil War ended my 3rd Great Grandparents Orsamus C. Brundage and Phebe Maria Kimber appeared in the June 28, 1865 enumeration in Wawayanda, Orange Co., New York. 

1865 New York State Census
Town of Waywayanda, Orange County
Partial Page 44, Lines 1 - 11
Line 7 is 3rd Great Grandfather Orsamus C. Brundage. His dwelling was a framed house valued at $300. His was the 318th family the census taker, Mr. N. E. Pierson, visited. Mr. Pierson used only initials for given names for much of Wawayanda. The census tells us Orsamus was 57 years old, born in Orange County, a farmer and a native. The census doesn’t indicate this but Orsamus owned the land as well as I. S. Brundage’s property.

3rd Great Grandmother Phebe Maria (Kimber) Brundage was line 8. She was 52 years old, a wife, born in New Jersey, mother of 7 children, married 1 time and currently married.

Lines 9, 10, and 11 are Orsamus and Phebe Maria’s children, John L., Charles Emet and Ellagene. They were born in Orange County with the eldest boy, John L., working as a laborer.

A married son and his family were residing in a framed house right next door (dwelling #308, family visited #316) worth $200 (on lines 1 through 4). Ira S. Brundage was employed as a laborer and was born in Orange County. He was married and it was his first marriage to Crissa Jane Tears. Crissa Jane was the mother of Alice and Hattie both born in Orange County like their parents.

In the same home with Ira but assigned family #317 were A. Kimber and M. Knapp. A. Kimber was Abigail Kimber, 74 years old, born in Orange County, mother of 8 children, married 1 time and widowed. Abigail was the grandmother of Ira, mother-in-law to Orsamus C. and mother to Phebe Maria. Eighty year old M. Knapp lived with Abigail. She had married 2 times and was also a widow. This might be Abigail’s sister.

Orsamus C. and Phebe Maria Brundage were my 3rd Great Grandparents, their daughter Emily married Richard Wight, their daughter Emily Wight married Lewis Penny Doty who were the parents of my grandfather, Frank Leroy Doty.

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