Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday’s Faces from the Past

Join the fun! I recognize my Great Grandparents Lewis Penny Doty and Emily (Wight) Taylor along with my grandfather’s siblings Mable, Florence and Harry. 

This had to be a family reunion. It looks like somebody’s backyard. I wish I could make out what was on the kitchen table. Can you see the parents off to the left? I don’t know the names of the children but Aunt Florence is the adult supervision in the center of the 2nd row. (Aunt Florence was Florence Adelia Doty, daughter of Lewis Penny and Emily Wight Taylor Doty.)

Yeah! I know them. Beginning on the left is Aunt Florence Doty Gardner, Aunt Mable Taylor Doty Regan, Uncle Harry Taylor Doty and their parents Lewis Penny and Emily Wight Taylor Doty.

Okay, I can only name a few this time. The white haired lady in the middle row is Grandmother Emily Wight Taylor Doty with husband Lewis Penny right beside her. If you look very carefully you can barely see Aunt Mabel behind Grandmother. Behind Aunt Mabel might be her husband Frank Regan. All the way over to the right (in the middle row) is Aunt Florence.

Boy, they were really having a good time here! At least you get a better look at Aunt Mabel (2nd row just about the middle joining in on the beer toast) and Uncle Frank (3rd row slightly to her left) in this snapshot. 

Goodness, is Grandmother hiding a beer bottle behind her back? I don’t know who her fellow beer drinker is on the right.

It’s too bad my grandfather, Frank Leroy Doty, missed the festivities. The picnic might have taken place in Orange County, New York or Tioga County, New York. Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Florence and Uncle Harry were all Orange County dwellers while Aunt Mabel and Uncle Frank lived in Tioga County.

If any of my relatives know who’s who, please leave a comment below.

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