Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, Nellie and Harry

Please meet Nellie and Harry. Nellie Mae Hewitt, daughter of Lillian Clark and George B. Hewitt and Harry Everett Lee, son of Clara Cairns and Thomas Everett Lee, married September 11, 1912 in Middletown, Orange Co., New York.

Harry and Nellie Lee

The picture is a charcoal drawing that might have been a souvenir item. I wonder if the famous honeymoon spot Niagara Falls is in the background.

Nellie and Harry didn’t have children or too many years together. Harry died November 13, 1918 after becoming ill with pneumonia. Nellie missed Harry for the rest of her life. She too died young at 39 years of age September 4, 1929.

Note: Nellie was 1st cousin to my Grandmother Viola Lillian (Wilson) Doty.