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JOHN WILL WHITE, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather – 52 Ancestors

Today I would like to tell you about John William White, my 2nd Great Grandfather. I’m lucky enough to have a snapshot of him surrounded by his daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter. I’d like to extend a special thank you to the Holland branch of the family for sharing this photo with me.

John William White, Daughter, Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter

4 Generations of the White Family
John William White seated, daughter Ella Virginia (White) Clemmer to his right,
Granddaughter Helen (Clemmer) Garber standing
Great Granddaughter Patricia Garber on Ella’s lap

It looks like Great Grandfather was enjoying the company of his little great granddaughter, Patricia Garber. Patricia’s mother Helen (Clemmer) Garber was laughing and fixing her hair. Ella Virginia (White) Clemmer (John William’s daughter) maintained a firm grip on the baby. Patricia was born around 1933 and John William died March 28, 1936 so this picture must have been taken sometime between 1933 and 1936.

John William White was born March 4, 1850 at Mt. Sidney, Augusta County, Virginia to William White and Maria Ann Shelley. He didn’t have much time with his father who passed when he was a little boy. When the father died, he left an unpaid debt which was handled in Chancery Court. For details, please see my earlier post titled Greetings Mary Ann White, You and your Children are Summoned to appear at Augusta County, VA Circuit Court.

John William had two older sisters; Margaret Virginia born November 3, 1845 and Jane Maria about 1848. When the 1860 federal census was taken on August 17th, John William and his mother were living in a home with Mary A. White, the sister of William White. (Maria Ann (Shelley) White was also known as Mary Ann White.) John William’s sisters weren’t living in the home and I haven’t been able to locate either of them in the 1860 census. Margaret would only have been 15 years old and Jane Maria about 12. Their mother Mary Ann (Shelley) White married George Huffman August 27, 1865. They lived in neighboring Rockingham County and a daughter Ella Susan Huffman was born in 1868.

When he was 18 years old, John William married his 1st wife Isabella Katherine Waid on Feb. 18, 1869. By October, Isabella had died. When the 1870 federal census was enumerated John William was living in Dianna Wade’s South River home (his former mother-in-law) working as a farmer.

Within a few years John William married a 2nd time to Mary Agnes Brown near Waynesboro on Nov. 14, 1872. Mary Agnes, also known as Mollie, was the daughter of James Alexander Brown and Mary A. Carpenter. Their children were Clara Louise born 1873, James William in 1876, Arthur Stuart born 1879, Ella Virginia in 1881, Olive Leora 1883, Bernard Brown 1885 and Ernest Boyd in 1892.

The 1880 federal census enumerator found the family living in the Middle River District with John W. employed as a miller. He was a farmer for most of his life.

A newspaper account from the Wednesday, April 30, 1890 edition of the Staunton Spectator reported the marriage of John William’s youngest sister, Ella Huffman to Alexander O. Brown April 23rd at John William’s home near Lyndhurst, Va.

The 1900 and 1910 census indicates the family was dwelling in the South River District. Maggie V. White, John William’s sister, was 60 years old and living with John and Mollie in 1910. Maggie never married and was a longtime employee of the Western State Hospital living on the premises.

John William and Mollie were caring for two small Sandy grandchildren in the North River District per the 1920 federal census. By 1930, they had moved to Beverly Manor on Buttermilk Spring Road with eleven year old granddaughter, Arlie Sandy.

Ten days after celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, 2nd Great Grandmother Mary Agnes (Brown) White died Nov. 24, 1932.

2nd Great Grandfather passed March 28, 1936. The Sunday Morning Staunton News-Leader dated March 29, 1936 published his obituary:

   John Will White died at his home in Mary grey Court, Route 2, Saturday evening at eight o’clock at the age of eighty-six years.
   Mr. White was born at Mt. Sidney on March 4, 1850, and is survived by the following sons and daughters: J. W. White, of Princeton, W. Va.; Arthur White, of Whitethorn, and R. B. and Ernest White of Staunton; Mrs. Clara Brown, of Princeton, W. Va., and Mrs. Ella Clemmer, of New York. The funeral will be held from the home Monday afternoon at three o’clock. Burial will be at Bethlehem Lutheran church.

Line of Descent:
2nd Great Grandfather John William White and wife Mary Agnes Brown
Great Grandmother Ella Virginia White and husband James Clyde Clemmer
Grandmother Lucy Leora Clemmer and husband James McFall Joseph
My Father

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