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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY Dolly Doty’s ready for Final Settlement of John Doty’s Estate Aug. 16, 1858, Goshen, NY

3rd Great Grandmother Dolly Doty continued in her efforts to manage her husband’s estate. 3rd Great Grandfather John Doty died Jan. 27, 1857. Dolly and William E. Mapes (a son-in-law) were appointed administratrix and administrator Feb. 16, 1857. See my earlier post titled MATRILINEAL MONDAY Dolly Doty Asks for Letter of Administration 158 Years Ago Today by clicking here.

Administration of the estate of John Doty, Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY
On August 16, 1858, Dolly and William E. Mapes readied a petition addressed to John C. McConnell, the Surrogate of Orange County. The petition let the Court know they had rendered a final account of Grandfather’s property and needed the Surrogate to issue citations to any ‘interested parties’. The ‘interested parties’ were John and Dolly’s children and their spouses.

This is a good time to introduce the children and spouses.

Clarissa Jane Doty born 1818, married Thomas Drake
Anna Maria Doty born 1820, married Elias Hockenberry
Harriet E. Doty born 1818, married James H. Smith 1852
Lucinda Doty born 1827, married William E. Mapes 1852
Arminda Doty born 1827
 Jefferson W. Doty born 1830
Albert Doty born 1833, married Fanny Jane Bennett
John Doty born 1835
Alanson Doty born 1838, died 1853

Transcription of above document. [Handwritten words italicized]

The People of the State of New-York By The Grace of God Free and Independent:
   To all persons interested in the Estate of John Doty   late of the
Town of Wawayanda in the County of Orange, deceased send GREETING:

Whereas, William E. Mapes & Dolly Doty
Administrators of the goods, chattels & Credits
of the said John Doty deceased, have applied to our Surrogate of our County of
Orange, to render an account of their proceedings as such administrators
and am desirous of having, the same finally settled, and have applied for a citation for that purpose:

You And Each Of You are, therefore, hereby required to be and appear before our said Surrogate, at his Office in the Village of Goshen in said County, on the Eighteenth day of October next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, to attend the final settlement of the accounts of the said administrators of the said John Doty deceased.

            In Testimony Whereof we have caused the Seal of Office of our said 
            to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Jno. C. McConnel. Surrogate of
            our said County of Orange, at Goshen in said County, the
            Sixteenth day of August  A. D. 1858
                                    Jno. C. McConnell  Surrogate

Surrogate John C. McConnell authorized the citations. When William A. Mapes attended Surrogate Court August 16th a date was scheduled for the final accounting (October 18, 1858). I don’t believe Dolly went to Goshen that day as W. E. Mapes’ signature appears on the petition.

A few days later on the 18th of August William E. Mapes personally delivered the citations to Jefferson W. Doty, Albert Doty, John Doty, Arminda Doty, Harriet E. Smith and Lucinda Mapes.

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Source: John Doty’s estate packet filed at Surrogate Court, Park Place, Goshen, NY

My Line:
3rd Great Grandparents John Doty and Dolly Hemingway
2nd Great Grandparents Albert Doty and Fanny Jane Bennett
Great Grandparents Lewis Penny Doty and Emily (Wight) Taylor
Grandparents Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson
My Mother

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