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TUESDAY’S TRUE BLUE GRANDPA Adam Snyder, Augusta Co., VA, Exemplary and Peaceful Citizen

Adam Snider died March 15, 1879. The Staunton Spectator reported his death in the Tuesday, March 25, 1879 issue.

Death Notice Adam Snider from March 25, 1879 Staunton Spectator
Snyder name spelled ‘Snider’ many times in records.
The family is of German origin.

3rd Great Grandfather Adam Snyder was born Oct. 1, 1808 in Virginia. He was one of ten children born to Martin Snyder and Catherine Thomas.

Adam was fourteen when his father died in 1822. 4th Great Grandfather Martin Snider’s will contained detailed instructions about the sale of his 740 acre plantation near Stribling Springs. I’ll write more about that in a future post. For now you need to know Adam was to receive $1,000 ten years after his father’s lands were sold. Jacob Showalter purchased a 175 acre parcel in 1833. The same year Michael Snyder bought 320 acres leaving 245 acres unaccounted for. (Michael Snyder might be one of Martin’s older sons.)

After Martin’s death 4th Great Grandmother Catherine Thomas Snider (Adam’s mother) most likely lived with her children. She was the head of the household according to the 1830 federal census. By 1840, David Snyder (Adam’s older brother) took over as head of the family per the 1840 federal census. Great Grandmother Catherine was still living at this date.

Rev. D. F. Bittle married Adam and Hannah Hull May 19, 1845 in Augusta County. The Reverend was a Lutheran minister who served St. John’s Lutheran Church preaching in the Mount Tabor Church. Hannah was the daughter of Daniel Hull and Mary Barbara Summers born Sept. 20, 1816 in Virginia.

When the 1850 federal census was enumerated, Adam, Hannah and their three children were living in the Snyder home with Adam’s unmarried siblings, David and Catherine. The men worked as farmers. By 1860, 3rd Great Grandfather assumed the role of head of the household. His brother and sister (David and Catherine) made their home with Adam along with his five daughters.

Adam and Hannah’s children:

·         Catherine Virginia, born April 10, 1846.
·         Sarah Jane, born July 17, 1847.
·         Mary Josephine, born August 21, 1849.
·         Jerusha Ann, born June 19, 1852.
·         Elizabeth Ella, born Sept. 20, 1856.

Their two little girls, Mary Josephine and Jerusha Ann, died within 3 days of each other in October 1860. Mary Josephine died Oct. 3rd and Jerusha Ann passed Oct. 6th.

Great Grandfather was 52 years old when the Civil War began and I’m hoping he was too old to serve in the military.

Adam and Hannah’s oldest daughter, Catherine Virginia, married Rev. John Wesley Kiracofe Oct. 23, 1863. Catherine didn’t live many more years dying in 1870.

Sarah Jane married Joseph Henry Clemmer March 24, 1870.

Staunton Spectator Marriage Notice J. Henry Clemmer to Miss S. Jennie Snider
Staunton Spectator, Staunton, Virginia, Tuesday, April 19, 1870

Youngest daughter Elizabeth Ella also married into the Clemmer family. She wed James Franklin Clemmer Jr. in 1877. Joseph Henry and James Franklin Clemmer were 1st cousins once removed.

Staunton Spectator Marriage Notice James F. Clemmer to Miss Lizzie E. Snider
Staunton Spectator, Staunton, Virginia, Tuesday, May 8, 1877

The April 29, 1879 edition of the Staunton Spectator reported Adam’s will was admitted to probate with his son-in-law, Joseph H. Clemmer, as executor April 28, 1879. I’m hoping to get copies of his estate papers soon.

Grandmother Hannah (Hull) Snider’s buried at Middlebrook in the Mount Tabor Lutheran Church Cemetery beside Adam. She died in Augusta County Jan. 2, 1892.

I’d like to express sincere thanks to fellow Snyder family descendant Linda Houser for sharing her research and Martin Snider’s will with me.  
   [Augusta Co. Will Book 14, page 189]

My Ancestry
3rd Great Grandfather Adam Snyder and wife Hannah Hull
2nd Great Grandmother Sarah Jane Snyder and husband Joseph H. Clemmer
Great Grandfather James Clyde Clemmer and wife Ella Virginia White
Grandmother Lucy Leora Clemmer and husband James McFall Joseph
My Father


  1. I am directly related to Michael Snyder (Adam's brother) I can't seem to go back any further than Martin. Have you had any luck? I would love if you could share any information you have. My email is phoenixsnyder@att.net - sincerely, J Snyder

  2. Are you a Michael Snyder and Eliza Fauber descendant?

    I know Martin's father was Michael Snyder from Washington Co. MD. I've been trying to pursue the Snyder family in MD but it's slow going. I'll email my thoughts after I look over my notes.

    It's great to meet a Snyder cousin.