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Wordless? Ha, April Fool’s Day! It’s fitting that I post these photos on April Fool’s Day. I’ve been trying to identify the people in these snapshots for a long time and have been tricked twice already.

The pictures were in a photo album that belonged to my grandparents Frank L. Doty and Viola L. Wilson. My Mother and Uncle thought this was my grandfather’s half-sister’s family—Mabel Taylor Doty. Mabel married two times and had a large family. She moved to Tioga Co., NY with her second husband Frank Regan. A few years ago I found a picture of Mabel and Frank on Well, this isn’t Mabel or her children!

You’ll notice that one of the men pictured is labeled “Frank”. Okay, maybe this is Mabel’s 2nd husband’s family. I wanted to find a home for these photos so I continued to search for Frank Regan’s family. I found a granddaughter of Mabel and Frank Regan once again thanks to You guessed it—this isn’t Frank Regan’s family!

Back row from left to right Vincent, Arline, Nellie, Gram, Arnold C., Marie & Ray Parry, Geo., Minnie and Mart
Frank and Vivien standing in middle on the left (Gram has her hand on Vivien’s shoulder)
Starting in the front from left to right Johannie, Eleanor, Virginia, Bernice, Mom, Dad and Ada

 Back row left to right Vincent, Arline, Nellie, Gram, Arnold C., Marie & Ray,Geo., Lloyd and Mart
Frank’s in the middle
Seated from left to right Hazel C., Johannie, Eleanor, Virginia, Bernice, Mom, Dad and Ada

This morning I was searching for a photo for a Wordless Wednesday post. I guess I had “Frank on the brain” and thought about all the “Frank’s” in the family. Frank who?

I think I cracked the case. Frank Cosgrove. Frank’s sister, Belle Cosgrove, was the 2nd wife of my Great Grandfather Jerome W. Wilson. Belle became a second mother to my Grandmother, Viola Lillian Wilson about 1906.

I spent the morning at utilizing their census collections, draft registration cards, city directories, disabled volunteer soldiers records as well as my own family papers.

Belle was born Isabelle Cosgrove 1886 in Danbury, Connecticut to John Cosgrove and Ellen Delaney. John Cosgrove died by 1909. Ellen moved from Danbury to Hartford by this date. “Gram” is Grandma Ellen.

Belle’s siblings were:

·         John Joseph Cosgrove, born 1880. I don’t believe he’s in either picture above.
·         George Cosgrove, born 1881. Yeah, George is in both snapshots. George married and divorced. He had a daughter, Marion, born about 1908.
·         Adeline S. Cosgrove, born 1884. Adeline was known as Ada and she married Lloyd Dwight Brinton. They had three children Arline, Vincent and Bernice. They’re all there.
·         Minnie E. Cosgrove, born 1890. Minnie was living with Jerome and Belle Wilson in 1910. She’s in the top photo. I don’t know anything else about her.
·         Frank Patrick Cosgrove, born 1891. Frank’s in both snap shots. His WWII draft card registration names Arnold Cosgrove as his contact person. Frank’s pictured and Arnold’s standing next to Gram in both photos.
·         Nellie I. Cosgrove, born 1892. Nellie was also living in Jerome and Belle Wilson’s home in 1910. She married John E. Bolar (with the glasses). They had a daughter Virginia. Another Cosgrove brother, Harry J., was in Nellie’s home in 1920. Nellie, John and Virginia are at the family gathering too.
·         Catheline Cosgrove, born 1898. I couldn’t find any information about Catheline but wonder if she and her husband are “Mom” and “Dad” above.
·         Harry J. Cosgrove, born 1888. Harry never married. Harry’s WWI draft registration card provides his home as 112 Oakland St., Hartford, CT. This was Jerome and Belle’s home. The 1920 federal census has Harry living in another sister’s home, Nellie and John E. Bolar. The U. S. National Home for Disabled Soldiers took care of Harry during 1930. His sister, Mrs. Lloyd Brinton was noted to be his nearest relative. Harry’s not pictured above.

What a shame Belle, Jerome and their girls, Marion, Ida, Genevieve and Beatrice missed the festivities.

Does anybody recognize the others?

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