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SURNAME SATURDAY Spitler Family Saga, Augusta Co., VA Part 2

Today’s installment of the Spitler Family Saga will focus on my 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler. In an earlier post I told the Spitler Family Saga by discussing Cousin Rachel Joseph’s family stories and findings (click here to read).

In 1992 I hired the late Mrs. Katherine G. Bushman, an Augusta County genealogist, to help me with my ancestry. Mrs. Bushman added to Cousin Ray’s knowledge. My contribution to the saga comprised internet sleuthing.

Jacob Spitler was born December 1799[1] in Virginia to John Spitler Sr. and Mary Eccord/Accord. He was one of six children raised in Augusta County. When 3rd Great Grandfather was 24 years old, he wed Margaret Dunlap, daughter of Archibald and Betsey Dunlap June 14, 1824.[2] Rev. Michael Meyerhoeffer, a minister serving the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, married them in Augusta County.  Great Grandmother was also born in Augusta County about 1799[3]

Augusta County, Virginia Countryside, View from Parsassus

Augusta County, Virginia Countryside
View from Parnassus
Contributed by Hamiltonl at English Wikipedia

Jacob didn’t appear as a head of household in the 1830 federal census. I located “John Spidler” in the Southern District of the county with a household of eleven. The family included boys and girls, mothers and fathers and probably grandparents too [4]. Perhaps Jacob’s family lived in his father’s home.

Mrs. Katherine Bushman and the Augusta County Land Grantee Index confirm John Spitler sold 138 acres in Back Creek to his son Jacob March 30, 1833.[5]  The land was property John Spitler originally purchased from John and Elizabeth McPheeters Sept. 15, 1795[6]. The sale to Jacob also included land George and Katherine Baylor sold to his father Dec. 22, 1800[7]. I haven’t seen the clerk’s copy of the deeds yet so I don’t know if Jacob’s father gifted the land to him or if it was a sale.

The 1840 federal census shows Jacob and his father listed next to each other.[8] His household included Jacob, Margaret, and seven individuals under the age of 20 years. Two persons were employed in the agriculture industry. One female between 10 and 14 years was my 2nd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane. One male between 15 and 19 years was the eldest son, William B. Two males between 10 and 14 were Henry and Thomas. Three boys from 5 to 9 were Jacob F., Jr., Samuel, and another not identified. No children were younger than 5 years old according to the census tick marks.

By the time the 1850 federal census was enumerated[9], Jacob’s son, William B., had already married and left home. William B. and Margaret Arehart wed Nov. 9, 1848. The same was true of my 2nd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane who married William Wilson Joseph Oct. 26, 1848. Living at home with Jacob and Margaret were Thomas, age 22 years; Henry, age 20; Jacob, age 18; Samuel, age 16; John, age 12, and Sarah, age 10. (I believe the 10 year old daughter was Susan Margaret incorrectly identified as Sarah.) Jacob’s 76 year old father and 75 year old mother lived in his home too. The Spitler’s farmed their land. Jacob, his father, and sons Thomas, Henry, Jacob and Samuel were all farmers.

After 34 years together, 3rd Great Grandmother Margaret (Dunlap) Spitler died Oct. 28, 1858.[10] She was just 59 years old.

My ancestry:
4th Great Grandfather John Spitler and wife Mary Eccord
3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler and wife Margaret Dunlap
2nd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane Spitler and husband William Wilson Joseph
Great Grandfather Daniel Franklin Joseph and wife Flora Belle McFall
Grandfather James McFall Joseph and wife Lucy Leora Clemmer
My Father

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