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TALENTED TUESDAY Wm. T. Mackney’s Love Letter to Sarah Kimber

“My dear sweet wife
I do wish you was here to night
How I would kiss your lips”

William T. Mackney’s talent with ‘sweet talk’ came from the heart. His wife, Sarah Bethia (Kimber) Mackney must have treasured his words and tucked his letter away in a special place.

Sarah was my 3rd Great Aunt and the sister of my 3rd Great Grandmother Charity (Kimber) Clark. The sisters were daughters of Benjamin Kimber and Keziah Bennett.

When Sarah received William’s letter, perhaps she read it at her home in the Town of Minisink, Orange Co., New York. Sarah was still young about 27 years old. William was a few years older. He shared his worries, news and hopes.

William worked in the carpentry trade and was employed away from home. He hoped to see Sarah at the end of the month.

Letter 2.

Tuesday Night  August the 3, 1852

     My dear wife I feel much pleased to nite to
git a letter from you for i was affraid that
you was sick that you could not write but it was
on the account of my letter sow now i am happy
to night to receive a letter from home i love
most dear and o Sarah i would like to see you
i am glad to here that you are sow smart as you
are and Sarah i am a going to tell you the truth
  to day noon when i went to set down to dinner
i felt sow sick to my stumack and sow weak my
head felt sow strange sow I did not work this
afternoon     i went to the doctor and he said i
had took cold   sow i feel a little better to
night     sow i will gow to work in the morning
again and i hope these few lines will find you
quite smart but i am affraid if you keep on
sowing sow much that you will hirt yourself
you must bee carefull of your self   they are a
going to bild a bridge across the Dellaware at
Port Jarvis this fall and winter   Henry has
gone down to Unionville sow the boys told me
Sarrah  you wanted to now when i thought i could
be home   Sarrah if they gow to work at the
bridge frame down to Port i dont want to come
home more than once and if i help bild it   there
i wilt begin it in September sometime   i think
i may bee home the last day of this month   i
cant tell  maby not till after the next pay day
but if you want any thing let me now   my
darling   my dear sweet wife i dew wish you was
here to night   how i would kiss your lips  no
better  nothing more at present yours untill

Wm. T.M. his love to his dear beeloved wife

[William T. Mackney to Sarah B. Mackney]

NOTE: Edna Raymond, a past Town of Minisink historian, gave me typed transcripts of the letters exchanged between the Kimber sisters and their parents. This letter is 2 of 31.

Let me tell you what I can recall about the provenance of the Kimber letters. It was many years ago when I visited Edna and learned of the letters. Edna has since passed away. I believe Edna told me a couple from Illinois visited the Minisink Town Hall and brought the original Kimber letters. The Kimber descendant allowed Edna to photocopy the letters in his/her presence. Edna worked quickly. In those days copy machines were slow and the quality left much to be desired. Edna spent many hours studying and transcribing the letters as the ‘old time’ handwriting was especially difficult to read.

I can’t say how the Illinois couple came by the letters. The Mackney’s and Congleton’s moved to Illinois so it’s possible the Illinois couple were from either branch of the family tree. Winfred Drake Riddall added comments to the letters. She was a Moses Seely and Jane Kimber descendant from Buffalo, New York.

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