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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY Alvah Bennet and Ester Penny, Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY

Route 6 bordering
Middletown, New York

Alvah and Ester Bennet Tombstone, Pine Hill Cemetery, Rt. 6, Middletown, NY

Many years ago I visited my 3rd Great Grandparents Alvah Bennet and Ester Penny at the Pine Hill Cemetery near my home. I was only beginning my genealogy and didn’t know enough to bring a camera with me. How I wish I had taken photographs of their tombstones on that visit!

My husband/photographer and I went back a few days ago and sadly, time has taken its toll on the older tombstones.

The monument originally held an obelisk resting on top. Weather, age or vandals have stolen it from its place. 

Alvah and Ester Bennet Tombstone, Pine Hill Cemetery, Middletown, NY
Born May 12, 1812
Died Aug. 21, 1891

Wife of
Alvah Bennet
Born Jan. 11, 1814
Died May 30, 1884


Sometimes tombstones are wrong and that’s just what’s happened with Alvah’s death date. 3rd Great Grandfather died August 21, 1890, not 1891. I have his obituary and death certificate verifying this.

If you want to read his obituary, click here.

Alvah was the son of Abraham Bennett and Lydia Shultz born in Wawayanda. David Penny and Fannie Smith were Ester’s parents.

Alvi and Ester wed Feb. 15, 1834. Elder Gabriel Conkling’s Book of Marriages recorded the event.

     “Feb. 15, 1834 Mr. Alvi Bennet of Minisink, Orange Co., New York to Miss Penny of Mount Hope, Orange Co., New York. Fee $3.”

They raised their family in the Town of Wawayanda and became the parents of 12 children:

·         Theodore born Nov. 5, 1835, married Hannah Eudoria Mapes 1866, died June 6, 1919.
·         William H. born June 1837.
·         Fannie Jane born May 15, 1839, married Albert Doty Dec. 22, 1859, died Nov. 22, 1883. Fanny Jane is my 2nd Great Grandmother.
·         Esther Almeda born Dec. 10, 1840, married George W. Horton, died May 8, 1923.
·         Abby Anna born Dec. 28, 1843, married Seth Blizzard, died Jan. 6, 1939.
·         John F. born Oct.1846 married Mary E. Gray.
·         Harriet Augusta born 1847, married George W. Carpenter.
·         Sarah Elizabeth born ca 1849, married Horace J. Doan, died Oct. 8, 1897.
·         Abraham born March 1852, married Mary A. Van Nort, died Dec. 15, 1926.
·          David Winfield born June 16, 1854, married Jennie Louise Smith, died June 19, 1917.
·          Christianna born March 28, 1855, married Charles Doane, died April 16, 1882.
·          Ida L. born Feb. 4, 1859, unmarried, died Nov. 7, 1938.
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NOTE: Pine Hill Cemetery was originally known as Dolsontown Cemetery.  

This is the view from top of cemetery hill facing Goshen, New York

My Ancestry
3rd Great Grandfather Alvah Bennett and wife Esther Penny
2nd Great Grandmother Fanny Jane Bennett and husband Albert Doty
Great Grandfather Lewis Penny Doty and wife Emily (Wight) Taylor
Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and wife Viola Lillian Wilson
My Mother

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