Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Ella and Milton’s Date, Middletown, NY

No, not wordless! 

Middletown Daily Times-Press, Saturday, July 27, 1918, page 2

In Their Country's Service
   Milton E. Ludlum, of the Times-Press composing room force, has been accepted for service with the Emergency Fleet Corporation.  He has reported for duty at Boston, Mass., where Charles E. Greening, an operator on the Times-Press, is now stationed.

Ella Mae Wilson and Milton Gardner Ludlum

Ella Wilson and Milton Gardner Ludlum

Great Aunt Ella Wilson married Milton Ludlum June 1920. This photo must have been taken when they were dating. Milton died a young man in 1925. Aunt Ella would marry a second time to Ray Simpson fifteen years later.

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