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DARIUS PECK’S Advertisements in the Norwich Packet and Connecticut Gazette

The Norwich Packet was published in Norwich, Connecticut beginning October 1773. The Connecticut Gazette’s home was New London, Connecticut.

5th Great Grandfather published an advertisement in the Norwich Packet March 24th and March 31st 1774.
Darius Peck, Norwich, CT House and Shop for Sale 1774
Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Vol. I, Issue 25, page 3

March 16, 1774, he wanted to sell his house and shop on an ½ acre lot in the West Society of Norwich. A house with a shop, choice land, a well with exceeding good water, close to the Meeting House; sounds like 1774 prime property.

The following year on August 21, 1775 Darius publicized his shop’s relocation.

Darius Peck, Wheelwright, Norwich, CT 1775
Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Vol. II, Issue 101, page 4

You can see from Darius’ ad he was a wheelwright promising ready money for well-seasoned spokes to make wheels. He wished to hire an experienced Journeyman too.

June 10, 1776 Grandfather wanted to pay cash for timber to make cart wheels.

Darius Peck, Wanted Fellow Timber, 1776 
Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Vol. III, Issue 143, page 4

A Norwich Packet ad finds Darius again looking for seasoned spokes April 18, 1782. He needs them at once and will pay well.

Darius Peck, Norwich, CT April 1782 

Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Issue 445, page 3

Grandfather became a gaoler (jailer) in 1783. During Darius’ tenure several prisoners escaped, and he posted rewards for their return to the Norwich gaol. Elisha Miller broke out July 26, 1783; John Lawlor got away Nov. 26, 1783 and Moses Cleaveland’s $5 reward appeared in the May 6, 1784 issue of the Norwich Packet.

Darius Peck, Gaoler, Norwich, CT July 1783
 Connecticut Gazette, New London, CT
Vol. XX, Issue 1029, page 3

Darius Peck, Gaoler, Norwich, CT Dec. 1783 
Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Vol. X, Issue 474, page 3

Darius Peck, Gaoler, Norwich, CT May 1784 
Norwich Packet, Norwich, CT
Vol. X, Issue 496, page 3

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My Ancestry
5th Great Grandfather Darius Peck and wife Hannah Warner
4th Great Grandfather Bradford Peck and wife Lydia Barstow
3rd Great Grandfather Bester B. Peck and wife Mary A. Case
2nd Great Grandmother Mary M. Peck and husband Walter S. Wilson
Great Grandfather Jerome W. Wilson and wife Grace Lee Clark
Grandmother Viola L. Wilson and husband Frank L. Doty
My Mother

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