Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remembering Frank and Vi’s Wedding Day

Eighty-six years ago today, September 15, 1929, my grandparents married in Middletown, New York. Rev. Robert A. Greenwell wed Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson at the Methodist Episcopal Parsonage.  

Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson, Middletown, NY
 Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson

The Middletown Times Herald reported their marriage in the Society Column of the Monday, September 16, 1929 edition on page 3:

   Doty-Wilson Wedding

      Miss Viola Lillian Wilson, forty-seven Sproat street, daughter of Jerome Walter and Grace Clark Wilson and Frank Leroy Doty, son of Lewis and Emily Wright Doty, eleven Maryland avenue, were united in marriage Sunday afternoon at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage by the Rev. Robert A. Greenwell. Their attendants were David S. Clark and Miss Mildred Kindberg. Mr. and Mrs. Doty will make their home with the groom’s parents.

No doubt my Grandmother spent a lot of time at forty-seven Sproat Street but this was the home of her Uncle Amos and Aunt Irene Clark. Davis S. Clark, an attendant, was Uncle Amos and Aunt Irene’s son (and Grandma’s cousin).

Grandpa’s mother was incorrectly identified as “Emily Wright Doty”. Emily was a Wight—not Wright.

Frank and Vi raised a family and lived many years in their home on Maryland Avenue.

 Methodist Episcopal Church Marriage Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson

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