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Treasure Chest Thursday SPITLER FAMILY SAGA, PART 6, John Spitler Executor’s Account 1855, Augusta Co., VA

I always love a good, old document. Each has a story to tell. Today I’ll be discussing an 1855 executor’s account from 4th Great Grandfather John Spitler’s estate packet.

John Spitler was born about 1774 and died May 12, 1852 in Augusta County, Virginia. His surviving family included his widow Mary (Eccord) Spitler and their five children:

            3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler
            3rd Great Grand Aunt Margaret (Peggy) Spitler
            3rd Great Grand Uncle John Spitler
            3rd Great Grand Aunt Mary (Polly) Spitler, wife of Andrew Arehart
            3rd Great Grand Aunt Sarah Spitler, wife of John Mizer

John and Mary’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Yago, predeceased her parents.

Grandfather’s will was written weeks before his death. (You can view his will here.) He named Jacob Baylor as executor of his estate.

A short time after Grandmother Mary Spitler’s death on March 10, 1853, John’s lands changed owners. On April 21, 1853 Jacob Baylor accepted a $600 payment from G. W. Anderson with a remaining balance payable in 5 annual installments.

With money coming into the estate Aunt Margaret Spitler got $400 April 23, 1853. My 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler and Uncle John Mizer, Aunt Sarah Spitler’s husband, received $80 each.

On April 21, 1854 a $476.21 land payment was credited to the estate. This time my Grandfather Jacob and Aunt Sarah’s husband, Uncle John Mizer, were paid $20 each. The Spitler sons and daughters each inherited a $400 legacy by this date. Uncle John Spitler, Jr., Aunts Elizabeth Yago and Polly Arehart received their $400 while their father was still living.

Owner G. W. Anderson’s remaining payments would be split between the Spitler siblings and the children of their deceased sister Elizabeth Yago.

The April 21, 1855 payment allowed the Yago children to divide their mother’s share.
It provided Jacob Spitler with $330 and $100 for Mary (Spitler) Arehart June 27, 1855.

An $873.23 balance remained in Grandfather John Spitler’s estate June 27, 1855.

Please note John Spitler’s estate packet included two accountings—in 1855 and 1859. I’ll discuss Jacob Baylor’s 1859 final accounting in an upcoming Spitler Family Saga post.

John Spitler Executor's Account, Augusta Co., VA, WB 34, p 631

Augusta County, VA Will Book 34, page 631
John Spitler Executor’s Account

John Spitler Executor's Account, Augusta Co., VA, WB 34, p 632

Augusta County, VA Will Book 34, page 632
John Spitler Executor’s Account

My Ancestry
4th Great Grandfather John Spitler Sr. and wife Mary Eccord
3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler and wife Margaret Dunlap
2nd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane Spitler and husband William Wilson Joseph
Great Grandfather Daniel Franklin Joseph and wife Flora Belle McFall
Grandfather James McFall Joseph and wife Lucy Leora Clemmer
My Father

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