Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Most Affectionate Love to my Dear Mother and Father, Kimber Letter 17

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I’m taking a different approach in my presentation of Kimber Letter 17. I’m delighted that the Kimber ladies received schooling and could write.  BUT in many instances, they used phonetic spelling, ‘hit and miss’ capitalization with little punctuation making their letters challenging to read.

I worry my 4th Great Grandmother and Aunts’ voices won’t be heard, and that would be a shame. So I prepared a video reading Jane Eliza Seely’s letter to you. Just click below on the You Tube video following my letter highlights. I’ve also included a transcript should you prefer that.


Jane Eliza Seely writes her parents from Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania May 25, 1856.

It’s so apparent she misses her parents back home in Minisink, New York when reading Kimber Letter 17. Jane was the youngest child of Keziah (Bennett) and Benjamin Kimber. She married Moses Seely in 1848, and they recently moved to Troy, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Bethia, a sister, also resided in Troy with her husband, William Mackney. According to Jane’s news, Sarah and William moved into a house they built. Jane and Moses hoped to build a house in the fall.

Catherine, another Kimber sister, and husband John Welda might visit in the summer. Abigail must have been skilled with a needle and thread as Jane wished her sister would sew for her.

Happenings of the Seely children, Sarah Alice, Willy Emit and Isabel, are mentioned.  

Erastus Elston, the widower of Julia Ann Kimber, has married again. When Julia died in 1855, she was the mother of five young children. Jane hopes the new wife will be a good mother to her sister’s children.

Transcripts provided by the late Edna Raymond, Town of Minisink Historian


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