Wednesday, November 9, 2016

To The Memory of our Beloved Daughter Ethel G. Doty

Thank you, Brandie Stacey, for sharing Ethel G. Doty’s memorial card with me. When Brandie sent me the card, I didn’t know who Ethel was. The baby only lived six weeks passing May 7, 1898.

Ethel G Doty's Memorial Card

I was curious, so I snooped around and located a death notice in a Middletown, New York newspaper. Much to my surprise I found the baby girl was the daughter of my Great Grandparents Lewis Penny Doty and Emily (Wight) Taylor.

Death Notice Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY, May 9, 1898

Death Notice from
Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown New York
Monday, May 9, 1898

Ethel had died three years before my Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty was born. I recall no one in the family talking about her and imagine this little girl’s loss was too painful for the Great Grandparents to discuss.

When we see the precious blossom,
That we tended with such care,
Rudely taken from our bosom,
How our hearts almost despair!
Round the little grave we linger,
Till the setting sun is low,
Feeling all our hopes have perished,
With the flower we cherished so.

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