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Augusta Co. VA Chancery Cause 1906-105: Radie McFall’s Children vs. Hamilton B. McFall

McFall Siblings Sell the Farm


Irvine, Clara, et als
McFall, H B. et als.

                        To Clara D. Irvine and H.S. Irvine, her husband, Flora B. Bolen, Kinzer Ritchcreek and F.A. Ritchcreek, her husband, Paul D.  McFall and Lacy H. McFall and H.H. Kerr, Guardian ad litem for the infant defendants in the above styled cause:-

T A K E N O T I C E:-  That on Saturday, the 1st day of February 1902, at Lexington, Virginia, the undersigned, Special Commissioners, appointed by decree of December the 13th 1901 in said cause to sell certain lands in the proceedings mentioned in said cause, shall move to the Honorable S.H. Letcher, Judge of said Court, for a vacation decree, confirming a sale made on the 23rd day of January 1902 by said Commissioners to N.F. Long of a tract of 97 acres, 2 roods and 2 poles, (less 2 acres), of land mentioned and described in said proceedings and belonging to the heirs-at-law of Radie McFall, deceased, for the gross sum of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00), one Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) of which is to be paid on the day said sale is confirmed and the balance to be paid in three equal annual instalments of $333.33 1/3 each, to be evidenced by the bonds of the purchased with approved personal security, the title to the property to be retained as ultimate security.
                        Given under our hands this 25th of January 1902.

Special Commissioners.                             W.H. Landes
                                                                    H.H. Blease

Legal and timely service of the within notice is hereby acknowledged by us.

Clara D. Irvine                                              F. A. Richcreek
H. S. Irvine                                                   P. D. McFall
Flora B. Bolen                                              Lacy H. McFall
L. Kinzer Richcreek                                      H.H. Kerr Guardian ad Litem
                                                                           For Paul D. & Lacy H. McFall

Chancery Suit Index 1906-105 Clara D Irvine & c vs H B McFall & c

 Chancery Suit Index 1906-105 Clara D Irvine & c vs H B McFall & c

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