Tuesday, December 10, 2013

‘Kiddo’ No More

Passed down among my treasured family papers and photographs that have been saved for over ninety years is a newspaper account reporting on Kiddo’s passing. Kiddo was Uncle George’s pet dog and judging from the photograph below, they were great pals!

‘Kiddo’ No More
        After Accident
“Kiddo” is no more! Sixteen years of age, it was and as dogs live, “Kiddo” was ancient. Not as spry as in its youth, “Kiddo” was crossing East Main street when an automobile struck and instantly killed the aged canine. The dog, which belonged to George B. Hewitt, 24 Grand avenue, had been feeble for some time, and while its death was not appropriate, was considered an act of mercy.
[Source Unidentified Middletown, New York newspaper dated Oct. 11, 1922]

Photo from Personal Collection
Kiddo with his owner, George B Hewitt,
and niece, Ella Mae Wilson

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