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Gilbert, Mary and the War of 1812

Gilbert B. Ogden was born in Orange County, NY on July 9, 1795 to Jonathon and Sarah Ogden. His mother died when he was little and his father when he was sixteen. A few years later Gilbert B. Ogden served as a private in the New York Militia under Captain John Dunning commanded by Lt. Col. Michael Smith during the War of 1812. The unit was known as ‘Consolidated Regiment (Smith's) New York Militia’. He enlisted August 20, 1814 and was ordered out Sept. 7, 1814. Four days after Gilbert enlisted the British burned the White House in Washington DC. He served under Captain Dunning from Sept. 7, 1814 to Dec. 12, 1814 with 4 days travel allowed and appeared on the company muster roll for Sept. 7th to Nov. 29th 1814 at Quarantine Ground, Staten Island, New York. From the Company Pay Roll below you can see he earned $23.55 for his military services.

Image from National Archives Veterans Records

Gilbert married Mary Hazen Jan. 11, 1817 in Brookfield (Slate Hill), Orange Co., New York. They began a family and would become the parents of fifteen children. My great-great-grandmother, Harriet Cornelius Ogden, was the youngest.  

The 1820 federal census enumeration locates the young family in Wallkill, Orange County, NY. Gilbert was ‘engaged in agriculture’ perhaps as a farm laborer. His household consisted of himself, Mary, and his two eldest sons, John Stewart and Lewis C. Ogden. By 1825 Gilbert was dwelling in the Town of Minisink in Orange County per the 1825 New York State census. At this date the Town of Minisink included Wawayanda and I suspect Gilbert was in the Wawayanda section. Another son, William B., and two daughters, Sarah Elizabeth and Sally Malinda, had joined the family. Five meat cattle, 6 sheep and 5 hogs were owned by the Ogden’s. Wallkill was again home to the family in 1830. More children arrived—Graham, Hannah M. and Seth T. Ogden. They remained in Wallkill and four more sons were included in the 1835 New York State census—Gilbert B., Jr., Joseph Stewart, twins Asa J. and Andrew Jackson. 1840 finds Gilbert’s growing family in Mount Hope, Orange Co., NY. Another son, Charles Henry and a new daughter, Mary Jane, had been born. Two people were employed in agriculture—probably Gilbert and one of the older boys. Harriet Cornelius, the youngest of Gilbert and Mary’s children, was born October 16, 1842 in Orange County. Sometime afterward, Gilbert moved the family to Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey. The eldest daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, married Nelson Howell Nov. 25, 1844 in Sussex County so perhaps the Ogden’s relocated to Jersey after Harriet’s birth in October 1842 and before Sarah’s marriage in November 1844.

Gilbert died June 6, 1848 at the age of 52 in Wantage, New Jersey. His passing must have been both emotionally and financially difficult for the family. The older children, John Stewart, Lewis C., William B. and Sarah Elizabeth remained in Sussex County for a time after their father passed. Sons Seth and Graham worked as laborers in homes in Wallkill, Orange Co., NY according to the 1850 federal census. I can’t document precisely when but believe Mary Ogden took her younger children back to New York after her husband died. Daughter Sally Malinda married Casper C. Crane Feb. 2, 1849 in Bloomingburgh, Sullivan Co., New York at the Reformed Protestant Church. Six days later, daughter Hannah married Joseph M. Crane at the same place. Widow Mary (Hazen) Ogden was close by per the 1850 federal census. She was living in Mamakating, Sullivan County. Her household included children Gilbert B., Jr., Joseph, Andrew, Mary Jane and Harriet. She lived in dwelling 63 with her recently married daughters nearby. Hannah resided in dwelling 60 with her husband and other Crane family members while Sally Malinda and her husband lived at dwelling 62.

Congress passed a law granting bounty land to officers and soldiers who had served in the military Sept. 28, 1850. Another act of congress was approved March 3, 1855 for additional bounty lands. Great-great-great grandmother Mary Ogden was able to benefit financially from Gilbert’s War of 1812 service. Her bounty land application was a wealth of genealogical goodies. In Mary’s Declaration and Affidavit by the Widow of a Deceased Officer or Soldier dated Feb. 4, 1851, she stated she was 50 years old and a resident of Sullivan County, NY. Mary Jane Ogden, Gilbert and Mary's daughter, referred to the death of Gilbert B. Ogden from a bible record in an affidavit dated July 19, 1852.  The affidavit stated "Gilbert B. Ogden died the 6th day of June 1848 in the 53 year of his age." I stated earlier Gilbert and Mary Hazen were married on Jan. 11, 1817 in Brookfield (Slate Hill), Orange Co., NY. Mary Ogden's application for bounty land included an affidavit from Jonathan G. Ogden (Gilbert's brother) stating he was present at Brookfield when Gilbert B. Ogden married Mary Hazen. Elder Henry Ball, a clergyman, associated with the Old School Baptist Church, married the couple. Jonathan G. Graham also provided Gilbert's date and place of death in Mary bounty land application.

Gilbert’s widow was granted 40 acres bounty land in Iowa City, Iowa July 20, 1853, Warrant No. 74429. The 40 acres was sold or assigned to William Joshua Barney.

Mary Ogden appeared in the New York State census on June 15, 1855 in the 1st Election District in Town of Wallkill, Orange County. She was living with her children, Seth, Asa J., Andrew J., Harriet C. and Melinda Crane in the Town of Wallkill, Orange Co., NY June 15, 1855. Two grandchildren, Benjamin R. and Charles I. Crane, were also residing in the household. The enumerator noted all were born in Orange County. Mary, Andrew J. and Harriet had been Wallkill residents only one year while Asa J., Melinda Crane and her children had been living in Wallkill just 2 months.

On March 30, 1855 Mary Ogden applied for additional bounty land in a ‘Form of a Declaration To be made where the Soldier has had a Warrant, and desires another’. At this date, Mary stated her age to be 54 years and a resident of Orange County, NY. She was allowed an additional 120 acres bounty land in Ionia, Michigan August 15, 1859, Warrant No. 32214. The 120 acres was sold to James Mills.

What became of Mary (Hazen) Ogden after she got the bounty land, I can’t say. There are records for all of Gilbert and Mary’s children but I haven’t been able to locate any additional information about Mary. Ogden descendants, any help would be appreciated.

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