Monday, May 5, 2014

Myrtle Avenue Gang

Photo from Personal Collection
Viola Lillian Wilson, Ella Mae Wilson
and the Neighborhood Kids

I bet you can spot the ringleader right away. The ‘big girl’, otherwise known as my Great Aunt Ella or the bossy one. Pictured to her left is my grandmother, Viola Wilson, lifelong confidant, sidekick and sister. I wish I knew who the other children were. They don’t seem too happy—I wonder what they were doing on this warm summer day!

This snapshot was taken at 16 Myrtle Ave., Middletown, New York probably about 1907. Sixteen Myrtle Ave. was the home of George B. Hewitt and his wife Lillian Clark. After Viola and Ella’s mother passed away in 1904, Ella lived with Uncle George and Aunt Lillie. Viola was cared for by her grandmother, Harriet Ogden Clark, at her home in Goshen, New York.

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