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Orsamus and his 100 Apple Trees, 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

Orsamus Corwin Brundage
Joseph Brundage (1770-1832)
Martha Oakley (1785-1860)

Individual Facts
Jun. 28, 1808
Orange Co., NY17
1835 (about age 27)
Minisink, Orange, New York8
1840 (about age 32)
Minisink, Orange, New York9
Oct. 2, 1842 (age 34)
Sussex Methodist Church, Sussex, NJ10
abt 1843 (about age 35)
a member of the Old Rome Church, Minisink, Orange Co., NY11
Jul. 27, 1850 (age 42)
Town of Minisink (Wawayanda), Orange, New York12
Jul. 5, 1855 (age 47)
farmer; Wawayanda, Orange, NY3
1860 (about age 52)
Wawayanda, Orange, NY6
Sep. 7, 1860 (age 52)
farmer; Wawayanda, Orange, NY13
Jun. 28, 1865 (age 57)
farmer; Wawayanda, Orange, NY2
Jun. 28, 1865 (age 57)
Wawayanda, Orange, New York14
1870 (about age 62)
Wawayanda, Orange, NY5
farmer with 153 acres; Slate Hill, Orange, NY15
Jun. 1, 1875 (age 66)
Wawayanda, Orange, New York16
1880 (about age 72)
Wawayanda, Orange, NY1
Mar. 9, 1888 (age 79)
(Near) Johnsons, Wawayanda, Orange, New York, United States17
Mar. 11, 1888 (age 79)
Ridgebury Cem., Ridgebury, Orange, NY17

1. Phebe Maria Kimber (1813-1887)
abt 1833/4 (about age 26)
Emily Brundage (1835-1873)

William Kimber Brundage (1836-1914)

Albert Lewis Brundage (1838-1911)

Ira S. Brundage (1841-1874)

John L. Brundage (1845-1913)

Charles Emet Brundage (1847-1879)

Ellagene Brundage (1856-1921)


Orsamus C. Brundage was a successful farmer in the Town of Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY for many years. According to the Agricultural Statistics prepared with the 1875 New York State Census, he owned 130 acres. The cash value of his farm was $12,000. His farm buildings (other than his dwelling) were estimated at $1,000; his stock $1,500; tools and implements $200. The gross sales generated from his farm in 1874 were stated to be $2,000. His property included 100 apple trees, 75 pasture acres, and 50 meadow acres.

Orsamus C. Brundage was a lifelong resident of the Town of Wawayanda. About 1843, Orsamus was a Leader at the Old Rome Church in Minisink [Orange Co. Gen. Soc. Quarterly, Feb. 1981]. Ruttenber & Clark's "History of Orange County, New York", published in the early 1880's, page 688, states he was a trustee with the Centreville Methodist Episcopal Church.

The land records at the Orange County, NY Government Center in Goshen, NY indicate Orsamus acquired a lot of land throughout his lifetime. He inherited a share of his father's 120 acres in 1832 along with his brothers, William T., Samuel, Abijah, Masten, and Merit. Orsamus was also an executor for his father's will as well as a brother-in-law Nathaniel Knapp.

According to Mortgage Book 36, page 528, Orsamus C. Brundage and Mariah, his wife, borrowed $500.00 from Nathaniel Knapp, a brother-in-law. The mortgage was paid per Liber 42 and recorded April 25, 1836. He purchased two parcels of land in Minisink belonging to Levi S. Young April 1, 1840 [Deed Book 72, pg 528] containing about 52 acres.

Orsamus' brother, William T. Brundage, sold his 1/6 share of the property he inherited from his father to Orsamus for $800.00 Jan. 17, 1842 [Deed Book 72, pg 553].

On Dec. 4, 1840 another brother, Samuel and his wife Miranda who had relocated to Auburn, Susquehanna Co., PA, sold his share of their father's lands to Orsamus for $600. This deed [Book 73, pg 1] was also recorded Jan. 17, 1842.

Orsamus bought property that had belonged to his mother Sept. 7, 1843 [Deed Book 81, pg 441] that had been seized by the Sherrif and sold at public venue. This included several lots covering about 80 acres.

Rosannah, Orsamus' sister, and her husband William Kimber sold 9 3/4 acres to Orsamus Jan. 7, 1843 [Deed Book 82, pg 212].

Merit C. Brundage, another brother, sold his holdings he had from his father March 31, 1846 [Deed Book 88, pg 280] to Orsamus.

He purchased 61 and 3/4 acres from the Commission for Loaning Money for Orange County Sept. 21, 1846. 

Abijah Brundage, brother, sold his property he had received from their father Feb. 25, 1850 [Deed Book 104, pg 212].

Samuel Elston of Sussex Co., NJ sold a 3 acre lot in Minisink to Orsamus March 30, 1850 [Deed Book 115, pg 119]. 

 1850 Federal Census 
Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY

Finally on March 29, 1860 the last of his brothers, Masten, sold his property to him [Deed Book 162, pg 82]. 

On August 7, 1861 Wm. H. Hoyt of Tioga Co., NY sold Orsamus 30 acres in Wawayanda that bordered his property [Deed Book 164, pg 224]. 

Linden Mulford deeded 74 1/4 acres in Wawayanda to Orsamus C. Brundage April 2, 1866 [Deed Book 195, pg 459]. Orsamus later sold Linden Mulford's property to Sylvester Giveans Feb. 17, 1879 [Deed Book 292, pg 295].

On Dec. 20, 1837, Joseph Kimber of Minisink borrowed $300 from Orsamus C. Brundage.  The mortgage was paid Sept. 15, 1838. At this date, there were two men named Joseph Kimber living in Minisink so it's difficult to say with certainty if this was Orsamus C. Brundage's brother-in-law.

Very close to Orsamus' death--Feb. 23, 1888 he sold some of his property to Charles A. Pauley for $5,000.00. This sale included a farm containing 46 acres, 1/4 and six rods that had originally belonged to his father, Joseph Brundage. Also a small lot--5 and 3/4 acres and 10 rods that Orsamus had purchased from Levi S. Young's estate; the land he got from the Commission for Loaning Money for Orange County--61 and 3/4 acres; 30 acres Orsamus purchased from Wm. H. Hoyt; 20 acres that had belonged to his sister and her husband Isaac P. King; and 9 acres and 1 rod that had belonged to Joseph Brundage were included in this transaction. (Deed Book 356, pg 476)

A newspaper from Wantage, Sussex Co., NJ , the "Wantage Recorder" dated March 26, 1937 reported a brother’s death in William J. Coulter's genealogical column:

"Merrit C. Brundage dec'd, Dec. 29, 1867 (buried on David Slawson farm a short distance from Stewarttown School house (in Town of Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY)  His father was Joseph Brundage, buried by Orsa Brundage."

A search of available newspapers on microfilm at Thrall Library, Middletown, NY proved unsuccessful in locating an obituary for Orsamus C. Brundage.

An earlier post titled Census Sunday, Orsamus C. Brundage Family, Wawayanda, New York was published August 10, 2014.

Line of descent:
3rd Great Grandfather Orsamus C. Brundage and spouse Phebe Maria Kimber
2nd Great Grandmother Emily Brundage and spouse Richard Wight
Great Grandmother Emily Wight and spouse Lewis Penny Doty
Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and spouse Viola Lillian Wilson
My Mother


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