Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LUCY LEORA CLEMMER PEDIGREE Updated January 21, 2016

Lucy Leora Clemmer was my paternal grandmother originally from Augusta County, Virginia. Her father’s side of the family reached into the Snyder, Hull, Summers, Linkenfelter, Thomas, Miller, Hawpe, Kinser and Teaford families.

Lucy’s mother was a White and her ancestors included members of the Brown, Shelley, Zimmerman, Ryan, Stover, Boyd, Weed and Graham families.

Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 1

Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 2

Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 3
Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 4
Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 5
Lucy Leora Clemmer Pedigree, Page 6


Viola Lillian (Wilson) Doty was my maternal grandmother born 1904 in New Britain, Connecticut. Her mother’s family, the Clark’s, was from Orange County, New York and included Kimber, Bennett, Ogden, Hazen and Lain ancestors.

Viola’s father, Jerome Walter Wilson, had Connecticut roots from his Wilson, Peck, Case, Sloan, Barstow, Cooley and Warner grandparents.


My maternal grandfather was Frank Leroy Doty. His Doty line included members of the Bennett, Hemingway, Penny, Paddock, Halstead, Shultz, Smith Gardner and Corwin families.

Grandpa’s mother was a Wight and she was a descendant of the Brundage, Kimber, Ackley, Sweetland, Harris, Purple, Hodge, Oakley, Stilwell and Ogden families.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY: Aunt Lillie’s Ice Cream Dishes

Aunt Lillie's Ice Cream Dishes

These dishes were passed down to me by my mother who inherited them from her Aunt Ella (Wilson) Ludlum Simpson. Aunt Ella’s aunt, Aunt Lillie (Clark) Hewitt was the original owner of the set.

For many years they were stored away in my attic crawlspace. During a “clear out the clutter” campaign I rediscovered this lovely set and now display them in my kitchen. There are no markings on the back of the plates but they are very old.

I talked with my mother this morning and she believes Aunt Lillie got the set when she moved into her 24 Grand Avenue (Middletown, NY) home about 1911 as a gift for herself from her husband, Uncle George B. Hewitt. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

EMILY WIGHT’S 1st MARRIAGE, 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

Great Grandmother Emily Wight married her 1st husband Ellsworth Taylor Sept. 24, 1887 in Goshen, Orange Co., New York. They were married by the Pastor Thomas LaMonte of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Certificate of Marriage Ellsworth Taylor and Emily Wight Sept. 27, 1887

Certificate of Marriage
Ellsworth Taylor & Emily Wight
Sept. 24, 1887

State of New York Return of a Marriage Ellsworth Taylor and Emily Wight

State of New York
Return of a Marriage

Emily and Ellsworth were both Slate Hill, New York residents (Slate Hill is in the Town of Wawayanda) and were married in the parsonage of the Goshen Methodist Episcopal Church. Emily was the daughter of Richard Wight and Emily Brundage and lived with her Brundage grandparents after her mother died in 1873. As a matter of fact, her grandmother Phebe Maria (Kimber) Brundage had died 5 months before her marriage. You can see from the ‘Return of a Marriage’ above, Emily was just 17 years old when she married. Ellsworth was 28 years old, a farmer and the son of David Taylor and Mary E. Turner.

Wilmot E. Taylor, Ellsworth’s brother, and Eleanor Wight, Emily’s sister, served as witnesses to the marriage. Pastor LaMonte was busy that evening as Wilmot E. Taylor and Eleanor Wight were also married in the parsonage with Ellsworth and Emily witnessing their marriage.

My ancestry:
Great Grandmother Emily (Wight) Taylor and Lewis Penny Doty
Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson
My Mother