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MATRILINEAL MONDAY Dolly Doty gets John’s Estate Settled Oct. 18th 1858, Goshen, NY

On October 18, 1858 Dolly Doty and William E. Mapes settled 3rd Great Grandfather John Doty’s estate at Surrogate Court in Goshen, New York. John died January 27, 1857 leaving Dolly a widow along with eight surviving children.

Clarissa Jane Doty, wife of Thomas Drake
Anna Maria Doty, wife of Elias Hockenberry
Harriet E. Doty, wife of James H. Smith
Lucinda Doty, wife of William E. Mapes
Arminda Doty
Jefferson W. Doty
Albert Doty, husband to Fanny Jane Bennett
John Doty

Dolly and her son-in-law, William E. Mapes, began probate proceedings at Surrogate Court February 16, 1857 when appointed Administratrix and Administrator. See my earlier blog post titled Dolly Doty Asks for Letter of Administration 158 Years Ago Today by clicking here.

John and Dolly’s children started a flurry of land deals involving their father’s lands before his estate was settled. 3rd Great Grandfather owned 125 acres in Wawayanda, Orange Co., New York. On May 7, 1857 the Doty sisters (and spouses) sold their title, claims and rights to their brothers for $1,040.

William E. Mapes requested a date at Probate Court to present a final accounting of Great Grandfather’s estate August 16, 1858. Click here to view my second post Dolly Doty’s Ready for Final Settlement of John Doty’s Estate Aug. 16, 1858, Goshen, NY. A citation issued that day informed interested parties to be at the Surrogate’s office October 18, 1858 for the final settlement of the estate.

Dolly and William submitted the accounting for John’s estate. The estate papers show Jefferson W. Doty accompanied his mother to Goshen.

Once John Doty’s personal property was sold May 23, 1857, $915.64 was credited to his estate. Ten Dollars cash was on hand when the inventory was prepared and $4.22 representing a book account from Gilbert More brought the total assets to $929.86.

The expenses of the administration included debts, commissions and surrogate’s fees totaling $104.19. The personal debts only amounted to $8.00. Dr. W. H. Dorrance was paid $2.00 for taking care of John. Mr. Campbell received $15.00 for handling the funeral. Philip Decker provided a $13.00 tombstone. Theodore Halstead shoed a mare and got $8.00 for his labors.

After the estate expenses were paid, Dolly and the children were left with $825.67. Dolly was entitled to 1/3 dower share equaling $275.22. The Doty children, Anne M. Hockenberry, Clarissa J. Drake, Harriet E. Smith, Arminda Doty, Lucinda Mapes, Jefferson W. Doty, Albert Doty and John Doty, got 1/8 of the remaining 2/3 share. Each received $68.80.

Bonus points for the document below as it has 3rd Great Grandmother’s signature.

Document from John Doty's Estate Packet, Orange Co., NY

Source: John Doty’s estate packet filed at Surrogate Court, Park Place, Goshen, NY

My Ancestry:
3rd Great Grandparents John Doty and Dolly Hemingway
2nd Great Grandparents Albert Doty and Fanny Jane Bennett
Great Grandparents Lewis Penny Doty and Emily (Wight) Taylor
Grandparents Frank Leroy Doty and Viola Lillian Wilson
My Mother

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