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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY After 50 Year Marriage Alvah and Ester Bennett Parted by Death

Alvah and Ester Bennett celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 15, 1884. Just 3 ½ months later, May 30, 1884, Ester (Penny) Bennett died. I don’t know who supplied the information in her death certificate but I’m glad they knew the particulars.

Mrs. Esther Bennett's death certificate, May 30, 1884

Mrs. Esther Bennett’s death certificate
Issued by the State of New York

Her age was 70 years, 4 months and 9 days. She was born in Mt. Hope, Orange Co., New York to David Penny and Fanny Smith. Ester’s mother was also an Orange County girl born in Goshen, New York.

I was a little surprised to see her place of death in the Town of Wallkill near Middletown. Alvah and Ester were long time Town of Wawayanda residents. Perhaps one of her children nursed her during her last illness.

Dr. Smiley attended Ester from April 12 to May 29, 1884 and saw her for the last time May 29th. She passed the following morning at 8 o’clock. Grandmother had been sick with a remitting fever and suffered from general debility. Her burial took place a few days later on June 1st in Pine Hill Cemetery. (See TOMBSTONE TUESDAY Alvah Bennet and Ester Penny, Wawayanda, Orange Co., NY by clicking here.)

Five years later, Alvah became very ill. The personal column of the Friday, Nov. 15, 1889 Middletown Daily Press, Middletown, New York published news about Grandfather:

   “Mr. Alva Bennett, of the town of Wawayanda, who had a stroke of paralysis a few days ago, remains about the same.”

The Saturday, Nov. 16, 1889 edition printed:

   “Mr. Alva Bennett remains in the same condition, and is thought cannot survive many days.”

As you can see from his death certificate Grandfather survived many more months dying August 21, 1890.

Alvah Bennett's death certificate August 21, 1890

Alvah Bennett’s Death Certificate
Issued by the State of New York

While his death was recorded in the city of Middletown, Alvah most likely died in Wawayanda at his home. His father and mother were Abraham Bennett and Lydia Schultz. Alvah’s mother was also born in Wawayanda (when Lydia was born Wawayanda was part of the Minisink township).

Ester’s doctor, Dr. Smiley, took care of Alvah from August 5 to August 21,1890 too. The doctor confirmed his death was caused by apoplexy (stroke) and died 1 o’clock in the afternoon on the 21st. Alvah rests beside Ester at Pine Hill Cemetery.

My Ancestry
3rd Great Grandparents Alvah Bennett and Esther Penny
2nd Great Grandmother Fanny Jane Bennett and husband Albert Doty
Great Grandfather Lewis Penny Doty and wife Emily (Wight) Taylor
Grandfather Frank Leroy Doty and wife Viola Lillian Wilson
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  1. I know someone has to go first, but it always makes me sad to realize that one lived so long without their spouse. Celebrating 50 years is quite the milestone!

    1. Michelle, I thought the same thing. Alvah must have missed Ester during those last years.
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