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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY Spitler Family Saga, Augusta Co., VA, Part 5, Jacob’s Place

Join me today for a look inside 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler’s place. Raised in Augusta County, Virginia he would become a lifelong resident.

Jacob married two times. His first wife was my 3rd Great Grandmother Margaret Dunlap. Grandfather’s second wife was Jane F. (Roberts) Acord.

Almost a year after Jacob’s death on Sept. 7, 1864, his administrator, Alexander B. Lightnor, presented an inventory of his personal estate to the Augusta County Court. George Shuey, Alexander McComb and J. B. Trimble prepared an appraisal.

You’ll see from the images below Grandfather owned a colt, a 10 – 12 year old blind mare and a 14 year old sorel horse. He had many tools; I’m assuming these were farm utensils.

Miss Spitler claimed a corner cupboard. This was most likely Jacob’s youngest daughter, Susan Margaret Spitler. Jacob’s widow, Jane F. Spitler, wanted a bedstead and bedding. Daughter Susan Margaret called dibs on an old bureau and a cow. A stepson, George Echard, claimed 19 sheep, a red cow, a pale red cow, and one white faced cow. (George was the son of Jane F. Roberts and her 1st husband, Andrew B. Acord.)

It was customary for the widow to receive her dower. But if she wanted anything else, she had to buy it. That’s just what Jane F. Spitler did. She bought a copper kettle for $20.00, a spotted cow for $45.00, 19 sheep for $109.25, and a $100.00 sorel horse along with household items.

Grandfather’s personal property sold at a public auction Sept. 20, 1865. The sale bill is a genealogical gem. You have the item, purchaser’s name and selling price. Friends, family and neighbors joined the bidding that raised $923.45.

Here’s the inventory and bill sale. Take a good look. You never know; you might find an ancestor.

Jacob Spitler's Inventory, Augusta Co., VA WB 40 page 216

Jacob Spitler’s Inventory
Augusta Co., VA Will Book 40, page 216

Jacob Spitler's Inventory and Sale Bill, Augusta Co., VA WB 40 page 217

Jacob Spitler’s Inventory and Sale Bill
Augusta Co., VA Will Book 40, page 217

Jacob Spitler's Sale Bill, Augusta Co., VA WB 40, page 218

 Jacob Spitler’s Sale Bill
Augusta Co., VA Will Book 40, page 218

Jacob Spitler's Sale Bill, Augusta Co., VA, WB 40, page 219

Jacob Spitler’s Sale Bill
Augusta Co., VA Will Book 40, page 219

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My ancestry:
3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Spitler and wife Margaret Dunlap
2nd Great Grandmother Eliza Jane Spitler and husband William Wilson Joseph
Great Grandfather Daniel Franklin Joseph and wife Flora Belle McFall
Grandfather James McFall Joseph and wife Lucy Leora Clemmer
My Father

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