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FUNERAL FRIDAY: RIP Darius Peck, 1750 – 1804, Franklin, CT

5th Great Grandfather Darius Peck, 54 years old, died April 13,1804 in Franklin, Connecticut.

An accounting in his estate papers provides little known facts about his last day. Three doctors cared for Darius during his final illness. Dr. Luther Manning and Dr. Benjamin Ellis visited him the day he died. Dr. Nathaniel Hyde tended to him during his sickness as well.

Family members and perhaps neighbors bathed and dressed Darius. “When the corps was lay out” he was wearing a new shirt. Amos Gager made a coffin for him.

The wake and funeral most likely took place in the Peck home with the Widow Mary Peck, Darius’ children, relatives, friends and neighbors attending. Samuel Hyde provided brandy and wine for the mourners.

After the visitation, a procession to Old Franklin Plains Cemetery carried Darius to his grave. He rests beside his 1st wife Hannah Warner.

Administrator’s accounting of Darius Peck’s Estate
Town of Franklin, District Norwich
1804, No. 8463
Housed at the Connecticut State Library

Administration Accounting of Darius Peck Estate, Franklin, CT 

The Estate of Darius Peck Dec’d to Elisha Edgerton as Administrator

My Ancestry
5th Great Grandfather Darius Peck and wife Hannah Warner
4th Great Grandfather Bradford Peck and wife Lydia Barstow
3rd Great Grandfather Bester B. Peck and wife Mary A. Case
2nd Great Grandmother Mary M. Peck and husband Walter S. Wilson
Great Grandfather Jerome W. Wilson and wife Grace Lee Clark
Grandmother Viola L. Wilson and husband Frank L. Doty
My Mother



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