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4th Great Grandmother Keziah Kimber writes to Sarah from Minisink, NY, Kimber Letter 8

On Christmas Eve Day 1854 Keziah (Bennett) Kimber wrote to her daughter and son-in-law, Sarah (Kimber) and William Mackney, in Troy, Pennsylvania.

Keziah began her letter thankful to the Lord that she was well with so many sick and dying around her. As I read it, I sensed Great Grandmother’s worries and fears.

3rd Great Grandaunt Julie Ann’s failing health was weighing on her mind. I must warn you—Great Grandmother Keziah vividly described her daughter’s symptoms. Aunt Julie Ann was 34 years old and the wife of Erastus Elston at this date. She was a mother to five children ranging in age from 11 years to 10 months

Kimber maiden Grandaunt Abigail cared for her sister Julie Ann. Great Grandmother tells Sarah that Abby had a very bad spell earlier in the month. This must have prompted Keziah to go to Julie Ann’s home and found Abigail’s health improved.

Grandmother Keziah was pleased to get a letter from her daughter Catherine (married to John T. Welda). Catherine told her mother that she had just visited with her sister Mary (Kimber) Congleton. (Mark Congleton was Mary’s husband.) The Welda’s and Congleton’s lived in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania at this time.

Keziah grieved for her grandson William Emet who died Dec. 1, 1854. Willie Emet was Jane (Kimber) and Moses Seely’s baby boy just 10 months old. The baby’s 3-year-old sister, Bell, thought Willie Emet was sleeping and he would wake up to play with her. Poor Bell.

While it’s true Keziah’s words showed her sorrow, they also showed the love she felt for her family.

Letter 8

Sunday morning, December the 24th, 1854

To William and Sarah

My children the Lord heath given me helth once
more to wright a few lines to you to let you
know how we ar a gitting a long and blessed be
his name    while so menney sicken and dying a
round us i feal thanful to him for his goodness
towards us    in the first place i wil tell you
that i was up to july anns last Lords day and i
found her very ill    O i tell you i dont now as
she is anny better but she is stil going down as
fast as she can    but the doctor sade her simims
is better    but O Sarah you dont now how poor
her arms are theay    theat are just noyhin
theay are so poor and her face looks like death
   the rest of them are wel but Abbe she is a
going down fast    she has had a verry bad spell
the 5 day of this month    theay thought she
could not liv no time    that scart July ann and
that made her worse    so the doctor did not kow
how to switch her then she sade she felt a good
ead better    when i was up thear abbe was better
so she took care of the baby and july ann a gane
   but she is verry week    when she goes up them
steps she has to set rite down or lay down    but
she wont leve july ann for she sed july a could
not due with out  theay could get somboddy else
to take care of for to fix her somthing to eat
thear was one weak that she could not keap
nothen down    nether vittles or drink    as soon
as she wood take it down it wood tearn rite up a
gane    the doctor sade he never saw such an
ulcer in anny ones throt as july hed in hern
the doctor was a triing to make her mouth  score
and she complaned of her throut    he thought it
was in the stuf he had given her to make her
mouth sore   it run on a day or three and she
wanted him to look in her throut and he was
scared    he sed he had never seen such throut
it was jest as black and a grate hole in it    he
took his proge and thar was no feeling in  it a
toll    he took his silver hook and pulled out
grate chunks of ded flest after chunk ol ded and
black    but when i was up thear it was a good
eal better    begun to have feeling in it    she
hed to wean her babe for she had no milk for it
   o how Charley grone sence she wened him and he
is a good chile now    o Sarah i have hed a
letter from Cathern    I started one the same day
 i started yours   i started them the 20 of
november and i receved hers the ___of december
and i receved yours the 19 of decernber and was
much plesed to git one for i begun to git
quitoneasey a bout you for i thought you was
sick so that you could not rite to me but was
glad to hear that you was as well as you was (end
of first page)
Cathern sade theay was oll well there    Markes
folks and them so far and mary was thear the day
before she got mi letter and theay sade  theay
was a coming out hear as soon as theay could get
started    i have looked for them but theay hant
com yet    o Sarah you sed i did not right how
Lucretia was   she was well when i was thear
she had jest took the plaster of the week before
i went thear    she sade it was sowm now    o Sarah
i suppose you have heard that little william
emet is ded and burred    he dide the first day
of december and was burred the 3 day on Lords
day  but o how it did storm that day    thay sent
for me the 2 day    i did not come hom un till
wednesday    poor Jane her heart was almost borke
   he looks as if he was asleep poor bell
thought, he was a slep    she sade Bubbe would
wake up and play with her a gane on the floor
they told her that he was ded    she sed no he is
a slep    they had the fuenerl to the meeting
hous in senter vill and i took her a long to the
burring ground to let her se whear he was lade
but o how she did cry and holler    you shant put
bubby thar    we told her that was her Bubby hoom
now and when she and her paw dide that would be
lade thear two and she must not cry so no more
Jane asked her a tusday morning whear bubbe was
   she sade he was gon home you no whear he is
he dide with dropsey in the hed  poor little
felow    he suffered but he looked natcherl yet
he looked as if he was a sleping    he was burred
by the side of your baby they lay side by side

January the 4
Sarah i begun this letter the day before
christmas and i had got it part don when caleb
came over for your father and me to go over and
take dinner with them co we went    then i
thought i would finish it that weak but every
time i got it some one wood come in and stop me
and so it has lade un till now    i will try to
finish it    yesterday the new babtist meeting
hous was dedicated    Caleb and lucinda and i
went over to hear it, and Mr Selotes grinnell
preeched from psalms the 90-6 and thes ar the
words    strength and beauty are in his sanctuary
   what a serrnon we had i wish you could hed it
   elder grinnell preched thear a gane last night
   i would like to stade and heard it but we
could not stay mrs grimley told me that she
had a letter form you las weak and you was oll
well    then the meeting hous was crowed so full
that thay could not git seats    theay had to
stand for it was crowded from one end to the

Not signed--but written by Kezia Bennet Kimber
to her daughter Sarah.

NOTE: Caleb and Lucinda mentioned above are Caleb and Lucinda Jones. Caleb’s deceased 1st wife was a Susan, the eldest Kimber daughter.

Vincent van Goph's Weeping Woman
Vincent van Goph’s Weeping Woman
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

SOURCE: Edna Raymond, a past Town of Minisink historian, gave me typed transcripts of the letters exchanged between the Kimber sisters and their parents. This letter is 8 of 31.

It was many years ago when I visited Edna and learned of the letters. Edna has since passed away. I believe Edna told me a couple from Illinois visited the Minisink Town Hall and brought the original Kimber letters. The Kimber descendant allowed Edna to photocopy the letters in his/her presence. Edna worked quickly. In those days copy machines were slow and the quality left much to be desired. Edna spent many hours studying and transcribing the letters as the ‘old time’ handwriting was especially difficult to read.

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